Refer to Alexa Schirtzinger, Job interviews is well known for every person. Job interviews are like a more awkward, less immediately gratifying, forming of speed dating. In a job interview, one person has almost all the power. So, if you know it gives advantages to you.



Having done more job interviews is not an easy way as we know. There are a few key factors that separate the best candidates from the mediocre ones. So, this is some tips that we can use when having a job interview.

  • You’re applying for this job, not a foot in the door

Saying a company is a great place to work is not a good thing to say because saying the company is a great place to work is a little lazy and at worst, it can make it sound like you’ll be looking for other internal opportunities as soon as you take the job.

If you not get the position you want on that company, it’s fine to discuss this openly with the hiring manager. Don’t try to sell the hiring manager on changing the position to fit your goals. They’re hiring for what they need, not what you want.

  • You need to add something more. Don’t just be a “good fit.

Do not just use your resume to answer the entire question that give by hiring manager. Keep in mind that if you’ve been called in for an interview, odds are someone has already given your résumé a second look.

So, you need to add some information what’s not on the résumé. In the end, after all, whether you’re “a good fit” is up to the hiring manager, not you, to decide.

  • Do your homework about the company, the position, and the hiring manager

You need to study as much as you can not only about the company, but also about the position you’re applying for, the team you’ll be part of, and the hiring manager herself.

At the end, the more you know about the role, the better equipped you’ll be to say why you’re the right hire for that company.

  • Do a list of smart and specific questions 

It shows how much thought and effort you’ve put into applying for the position and give differences in how you ask the question can have a big impact.

For example, you can ask about “In six months, what would success look like for this position?” It shows you’re thinking about the position in a long-term way, and that you’re success-oriented. 

  • Bring ideas 

You can give a fresh perspective and a meaningful feedback to the hiring manager because it show your critical thinker who’s always coming up with ways to keep improving. Critiquing work product without offering any ideas for improvement won’t do you any favors.

Then, it can make you an attractive candidate because it allows you to position yourself as the problem solver   that can help the hiring manager fix what she/he likely already knows is a weak point. 



There’s no need for us to be nervous or feeling clueless about the job interview that we are going or trying to have, if we really want that job we definitely need to understand what kind of job are we applying for,

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  • Get a sense of the vision 

You are also evaluating the hiring manager, team, and company. Not only them evaluating you. The key question that you can ask your hiring manager about his or her vision for the team and for the company as a whole.

These types of questions will give you a good sense of the type of leader you’ll be working for, and they’ll also show the hiring manager that you’re considering the role in a broad.

  • Be polite, don’t lie, and other obvious things

 Do not pad your résumé. Then, Do not interrupt the hiring manager when he/she speaking. You need to be on time on job interview. And lastly after you have done the job interview, Say thank you to your hiring manager.

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