Our Solutions

With so many local training companies to choose from, all vying for your business, here are just a few compelling reasons why we feel ASL Training & Consultancy should become your training provider of choice.

“I think you can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology then it’s not a problem” – Albert Einstein

Our Methodology

Customized Training Program – Gap Analysis – Casual Linkage

The process of developing your people should focus on real-world business challenges and specific objectives. For even the most complex design, we weave a unified outcome oriented learning experience that fits your culture, budget, business outcomes and developmental needs.

Call us at 03-5542034 is you want to customize the type of training that you want.

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Professional, Practitioner and Competent Facilitators

Our facilitators come from around the region – facilitators, coaches, and retired executives – to provide the right expertise, industry experience, and cultural familiarity for each situation.


ASL Makes the Learning More Adventure

Non-traditional approaches such as action learning, experiential learning, themed based learning and team-based learning. We are also skilled and experience at making the traditional business classroom into energizing and enriching place. The best approach for one client may not fit another, what matters is the right mix of methods for each.


ASL Put Creativity and Innovation at The Top of The List

As our company tagline –The Art Of Adventure For Lifelong Learning we use the creativity and innovation as a base to make the class more attractive and effective with a lifelong learning program.


We Offer More Effective & Continuous Learning

Just a few reasons why ASL would be the best training company for your needs. Contact us for more information.



"You agree with me, that not all facilitators are teachers and not all teachers are remembered. You are one of the teachers that I will not forget! Thank you for all!"
Araz Imanov
"Your positive attitude towards the future and challenges had great impact on people. Wish you all the success and happiness."
Dr. Addel Alameri
Abu Dhabi
Thank you very much for showing the inspirational words with music during each of your presentations. This was one of the highlights of the past 2 weeks- very inspiring. The enthusiasm with which you present each course is contagious. Thank you! God bless & all the best.
Republic of South Africa
The most interesting sessions, which I had during the course, were those with you. You were doing everything so funny and so easy to understand. All the lessons were like a game. I appreciate everything you did for us! Thank you very, very much!
2 weeks is a very short time. Yet, here we are, overcoming every obstacles, defeating our fears and in the end, learn and learn more. For all the most important things is to make friend and understand each other.

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