Richard Feloni gave an insight into Wadors’ world(HR at LinkedIn) earlier this year, and she explained that the managers at LinkedIn are judged and proved that there is a set of criteria that shows how competent they are.


These are the behaviors the best managers at LinkedIn portrays.

  • They support their employees’ professional development

The best managers motivate and push their employees to constantly grow and develop with new challenges and learning opportunities. Any good manager understands that their employees won’t stay with them forever so they make use of that time to shape them into the best employee/future employer they can be.

  • They continually review performance

Good managers don’t wait until the end of the year to review their performance. They should always keep their employees in check. But we should never expect that reviews should come with surprises. It should be consistent and it may come off a bit boring but as long as there is consistence and progress, it’s fine.

  • They clearly set expectations

Our employees should be well aware of our goals and expectations of them. Make sure there is no communication problem with our employees. The way we communicate must is also important, talk through it with them instead of giving a list of demands.

  • They foster an entrepreneur’s mentality

The best managers always empower their employees. Never stop inspiring them and motivate them to be innovative. Tell them that they should always be thinking of new and better ways of doing things instead of just following everyone else.

  • They encourage measured risk-taking

Competent managers are never afraid of failure and they must encourage this thinking to their employees. If an experiment fails, it should be viewed as a valuable lesson that we can use and also be shared with future employees.

  • They explain the company’s direction

Managers should also inform employees on the direction of the company, it’s goals, mission, target and also how to achieve it. It’s also important that we explain to them their roles in the company and how they fit into its overall mission. 

  • They walk the talk

The manager should always be the best possible role model in the company because people will look up to them and follow their style of working. The best managers will exhibit all of the behaviors they demand from their employees.


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Kredit: Richard Feloni

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