Looks aren’t the only thing that matters in life, but feeling your best is. Confidence is  always the best outfit to wear. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re capable of accomplishing any task at work with ease. But you don’t necessarily have to own expensive clothes or small bodies to be confident.


Here are a few tips recommended by Alice Haine on how to look professional at work.

  • Your clothes should complement you.

The secret to know whether it complements you or not is by determining the comfort. You should always look comfortable in what you’re wearing. Look at the shape, style,colour, texture, pattern and fit. Your appearance also reflects your personality.

  • Keep your emotions in check.

We all have those days where we just ‘aint feeling’ it but your emotions should not affect your appearance. Always wear something that shows you’re always on top of your game. Wear clothes that fit as if you success depends on it

  • Your clothes should fit well

Jackets should fit across the back of the neck, the back and chest. Skirts should fit without creasing around the seat area and gently follow the shapes of your body.  Shirt collars should not be too loose or too tight. Trousers should fit well in the waist, thigh and seat areas, and land just on the top of the shoe.

  • Keep your energy sustained

Expensive clothes or a good style don’t always portray the best parts of you.  You yourself have to portray a good energy in order to create an impactful outcome. Monitor your diet and exercise regimes to keep energy levels up – it reinforces your overall business outlook to your colleagues.

  • Know what image you want to project

You are in charge of your whole image so do the best that you can to portray yourself exactly how you want it to be.  Decide whether you want to be professional, credible, polished, creative or charismatic. Define what your image says and own it.

  • Dress appropriately for each event

Your clothes should be appropriate for the organisation, the occasion, the people you work with and the time of year.  If you’re working in a corporate company, you should pay attention more on what to wear and what not to wear.



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  • Look up to date

Keep an eye on the current styles – width of lapels, jacket shapes, tie designs, shoes – and adapt to your own particular style of dress. We don’t want to be known as ‘the weird  guy” in the office so try to go out and find new things to wear.


  • Your clothes should speak quality

Consider it an investment when you buy a quality fabric and well-designed suit or jacket because it  will repay itself over and over, so buy the highest quality you can afford. Look for a good cut with better fabrics that makes you comfortable. Avoid over dry cleaning as much as possible because it reduces its wearability.

  • Be well accessorised

Pay attention to you accessories because it will affect your overall professional look if you get it wrong. Watches, pens, spectacles, briefcases, jewellery and belts should always be of the highest quality you can afford and in good condition. This is relevant to both men and women.

  • Be well groomed

Poor grooming will negate all the work you put into being well dressed. This includes wearing hear gel for men and wear ponytails for women. If you’re wearing hijab, don’t forget to iron it first so you won’t look lazy to you co-workers.


Credits to: Alice Haine

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