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  • Those who want to know a strategy for improving their business quality.


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  • The importance of achieving world-class quality standards are increasingly becoming a primary concern as a business strategy.
  • Statistical Design of Experiment (DOE) is a proven technique that continues to show increasing use in these industries. As the R&D function comes under increasing pressure to produce fast and more accurate results, industrial researches and engineers are turning to use this DOE tool to further improve quality and increase productivity.
  • Through experimentation, changes are intentionally introduced into this process or system in order to observe their effect on the performance characteristics or response of the system or process. A statistical approach is the most efficient method for optimizing these changes.
  • Using ad hoc or heuristic approach can and may be used; however the investigation becomes more efficient if it is with the same correct statistical tools.
  • A clear definition of DOE is provided and its three primary objections are stated and carried through.


Participants will be able to understand the :

  • Benefits of DOE
  • Stages of investigation to undertake DOE practices.
  • Principle of DOE and where should it be used.
  • Terminology used in DOE practices

Participants will be able to determine :

  • The variable (s) and their magnitude that influences the response.
  • The levels of these variables.
  • How to manipulate these variables to control the re-sponse.


  • Lecture with key points, coaching, interactive discussion

  • ¬†Group dynamic and exercise to ensure participants grasp the topics presented.

  • QC Role Play and Group Presentations

  • QC Tools exercise and Industrial samples are used to stimulate actual nature of failure that has taken place.

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Introduction of the DOE Practices.

  • DOE definition and understanding
  • Understanding the benefits of DOE
  • Understand the stages of investigation to undertake DOE practices

Overview of the DOE Practices.

  • Understand the principles of DOE and its uses
  • Understand the terminology used in DOE practices
  • Basic statistic and example

Hypotheses Testing and the Decision Making Process

Probability of Error for Hypothesis Testing

  • Level of confidence and consequences of a wrong decision
  • Test and t Distribution definition
  • One-Sample Test

Testing of Hypotheses using ANOVA

  • F Test
  • F Distribution

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