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  • Identify & understands types of customers
  • Increase human (personnel) performance & limitation
  • Identify & understand personal profile/type
  • Identify personal strength in dealing with customers
  • Examining various techniques in dealing & serving customers
  • Achieving company‚Äôs vision & mission when dealing with customers
  • Analyze why customers complaints
  • Identify & analyze various ways of dealing with complaints
  • Enhance life & work quality
  • Live life efficiently & effectively





  • Lectures Discussion
  • Group Workshops
  • Individual/Group Presentation
  • Personal Action Plans

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  • Customers Identification
  • Hospitality Service Adoption
  • Personal Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Building The Positive Corporate Image
  • Mastering Communication
  • Communication Core
  • Getting The Message Across
  • Managing Customers
  • Action Plans


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