Syed Hunbbel Meer wrote an amazing articles gathering the benefits of using Kindle. Kindle is an e-book reader that looks like any normal tablet or iPad. However, it is specifically designed for those who loves to read and provides an extremely comfortable reading experience.

So what is kindle?

Kinddle App

There are 10 important reasons why you need to buy a kindle.

  • You Love Reading:

This app is specially designed for all of us who loves to read and be around books all the time. It aims to give us a very comfortable reading experience that we can never get from using mobile phones and other tablets.

  • You Want to Read and Learn More:

Kindle also will encourage you to read more than an average person. Studies showed that a person who uses Kindle read four times as many books as they used to read before. They have a wide range of reading materials available to the users which increases the frequency of their reading.



It’s not about becoming a bookworm or what, but for us to keep on gaining knowledge anywhere we can. It is very important to have the easy to use and comfortable tools to make it happen.

Nowadays, People are lazy to carry books everywhere they go now cause its too heavy, you guys should try it.

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  • You Don’t Like Distractions:

Kindle can block all distractions that we’ll get when we read using our regular tables or phones. If we enjoy our private time wrapped up with only our books than Kindle does just that.

  • You Don’t Like to Wait:

Nobody likes waiting, so if you’re like the 90% of the population who doesn’t like waiting then you’ll love this product. When we buy a book online, it gets instantly delivered to our Kindle so it’ll take just a few minutes for us receive it.

  • You Care for your Eyes:

Using a table from a screen might be a concern for some people especially to those who are aggressive readers.

Reading on a smartphone, tablet or computer can be really damaging for your eyes. People, who love and care for their eyes, buy Kindle instead. It doesn’t use the same screen-technology as the mobile phones and tablets do so it’s safe for our eyes.

  • You Prefer Personalization:

One of thing that people like about Kindle is that they can personalize your reading experience with selected fonts, font-sizes, layouts and other formatting options.

  • You Don’t Like to Be Bored:

It’s safe to say that some books are not travel size and it can be as big as a dictionary. Kindle is great for those who are always on the go and need to travel a lot. It’s definitely much lighter than your regular book.

  • You are Sick of Short Battery Time:

How annoying it is that we always have to charge our phones everyday and can’t even finish a whole book without recharging it back. Not for kindle. Forget to bring your charger? No problem! Kindle’s battery life can survive up to a full week.

  1. You Like to Save Money:

Consider it a smart investment, we should be aware of how  much money do we really use to buy books in the long run. . Kindle books are relatively cheaper than the physical paperback editions. You save a good amount of money right there. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for extra shipping cost at all.

  • You Make Good Decisions:

Kindle is the future of books for many reasons. Almost every book is now available in Kindle and more to come. If you’re a big reader, then Kindle is a must have for you.


Credits to: Syed Hunbbel Meer

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