The thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is mindfulness.


According to Áine Cain, here are 11 things that unsuccessful people tend to do over the weekend — and why to avoid them.

  • They don’t have a plan

It’s called a weekend, you don’t really have to plan out everything you want to do. It’s okay not to have everything planned out but it’s always good to have an idea of what you actually want to do with your free time. It helps you keep track of your time more efficiently.

  • They don’t make time for loved ones

We all know balancing work and life can be hard at times but we should also keep in mind that we wouldn’t be where we are without their time too. Make time for you loved ones, they deserve it.

  • They let technology take over

I think we can all agree how technology makes life easier for us but it doesn’t mean that it’s that big of a necessity. Put everything away and experience something different for a change. But always remember to inform your coworkers if you won’t be around.

  • They don’t enjoy themselves

Always do things that will make you happy during your time off whether if it’s just being by yourself or around your friends.

  • They sleep the entire time

Prioritizing good sleep is good self love. But too much of anything is good for nothing. Get enough rest that your body needs and not what your body wants.

  • They rack up expenses

We all know the phrase “work hard, play hard” but some may take it to the next level until they end up only  eating “Nasi Bujang” by  the end of the month. Of course you should treat yourself once in a while but don’t go broke trying to look rich.

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  • 7)They don’t reflect

Once in a while, you need to sit back and reflect on yourself. Rethink about your life and goals. Do yourself a favor by just checking in on yourself once in a while to remind your purpose in life. 

  • 8)They can’t stop thinking about work

It’s called a weekend for a reason, it means everything about work has come to an END. So forget about work, kick back and relax because you deserve it.

  • 9)They laze around — and regret it

Even though weekends are the time for you to enjoy yourself, you must also be productive. Don’t waste your precious time by doing nothing at all causing you to forget about all the other important errands you need to do.

  • 10) They don’t relax

Being on top of our game is always important, that is why we bring our work home sometimes but what we need to understand is that our body doesn’t work that way. Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax.

  • 11) They don’t prepare for the week ahead

Use the free time that we have to plan for the week ahead and watch how our lives change immensely after that. Make a to-do list, update your calendar or just figuring out what you want to accomplish next. The key to be successful is by doing all of the above.





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Credits: Aine Cain

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