Marketing your business isn’t always easy especially if you’re just starting out. Pauline Cabrera shared 16 super ways to market your online business and double your sales!

  • Build an attractive + Easy-to-use website

If you want to attract customers to open your website, the secret is to make it as attractive and as simple as you can. The website must be user friendly so they are not reluctant to view your website.

  • Prioritize blogging

Blogging means writing about personal opinions, activities, and also experiences. So it’s less formal and more interesting because it’s like a casual way of giving out information

  • Work on your SEO

“Search engine optimization” is a technique used to increase traffic on your website by obtaining a high rank placement in search results page. You’d be surprise on how well it works.

  • Build your email list and send emails regularly

Sometimes when we buy or register for something we often write down our emails too right? Do the same for your customers! Collect their emails and make a list. Market your company by sending relevant emails such as promotions or exciting news.

  • Use other channels to sell your product

Try to find other ways for people to view your products. DO NOT solely depend on your website alone. Social medias are a big thing right now so get in the mix and get creative on how you want to market your product.

  • List your business on local directories + Apss

Don’t get caught up in your own circle. Get your stuff out there! Use your local business directories like “” or “onestopmalaysia”.

  • Use classified ads

Classified advertising is a form of advertising using newspapers, online and other materials which may be sold or distributed free of charge. It’s much cheaper than using larger display advertisements like billboards.

  • Build a strong social media presence

When it comes to social media, you CANNOT be boring. Be different so people can remember you.  For example, Pizza Hut is not afraid to use their Twitter account to get a little bit weird with tweets like “Bye week. Hi pizza.”

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  • Create videos

Most people don’t like to read especially if the content is long. Make a video about whatever you want to promote and get creative!

Following today’s trend, one of the best ways to advertise your products is to use celebrities. They have up to millions of followers so it’s a great way to really get your stuff out there.

  •  Buy banner ads on relevant websites

You know those online banners you see every time you’re on any movie websites? Yes, that’s banner ads. The most common ads that you will see in Malaysia is Zalora. It’s a great way to market your brand.

  • Partner up with influential bloggers

One of the fastest way to gain people’s trust in your products is by using testimonials. Send your products to famous bloggers and let them blog about your stuff. They’d be glad to try it out cause obviously it is their job anyway.


  • Create an affiliate (or Referral) Program

An affiliate program is when you open doors for people outside of your company to sell your products. Use other people as mediums like agents or by using dropships. Let other people do the work for you. 

  •  Collaborate with other business owners online

Lets say if you want to gain more new audience online but don’t know how, the easiest way to solve that problem is by collaborating with other business owners. When you’re choosing companies that have a wider audience, you automatically gain their audience too.

  • Try Google Adwords

Google AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads and is largely focused on keywords. In other words, whenever a person types a keyword to google, this program will help improve the probability of your site being shown.

  • Learn from other businesses

Don’t get too confident whenever you do business. Get proper guidance from successful people. But remember you can only be great if you learn and apply it in your own way as oppose to copying that person. Be original!


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