Who are we?

ASL Resources Training & Consultancy was established on 2004 and is now registered as ASL Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd  under a group of companies below ASL Development Group (M) Sdn Bhd. We offer human development and skills enhancement programs catering both private and public sectors and organizations in diverse industries including Oil And Gas, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality, IT, Finance, Local Government, Manufacturing, Government Link Company and many more.

Professional Consultants & Facilitators
As a professional company comprising of a highly competent, certified, licensed, well emend and committed group of professional facilitators and consultants from multi-disciplines of expertise, and backed by our ongoing improvement, we believe that we will become your value added partner in assisting your organization towards achieving your goals.

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What We Offer

Customized In-House and Public Training

Our programs which are designed with dynamic, interactive and experience-based approach will create a conducive and effective action-learning program. Training can be tailor made base on our clients’ needs to be more relevant and can provide solution to the organization’s needs.

Let’s explore our In-House Training and experience our Public Training Program.

Psychometric Testing

ASL offer a range of behavioral profiling, psychometric testing and assessment services from leading providers, with full consultancy support from our experienced facilitators.

Now you can get access to a wide range of assessment tools covering the majority of areas which individuals and employers are interested in – ability, personality, leadership, emotional intelligence, motivation, selling skills, team roles, health and well-being.

Coaching and Consulting

This portfolio includes live wire recommendations to strategy, consultancy for best practice, strategic advice for introducing new concepts, roles more akin to a problem identifying and solving within the workplace. Organizations benefit from our key insights to implementations that drive strategy for improved performance.


Our Training & Consultation Tools

The Amarican Board
Time Line Therapy
Project Management
MBTI Certified
Inventory Leonard Personality
Brain Pathways


  • 2 weeks is a very short time. Yet, here we are, overcoming every obstacles, defeating our fears and in the end, learn and learn more. For all the most important things is to make friend and understand each other.
  • "You agree with me, that not all facilitators are teachers and not all teachers are remembered. You are one of the teachers that I will not forget! Thank you for all!"
    Araz Imanov
  • The most interesting sessions, which I had during the course, were those with you. You were doing everything so funny and so easy to understand. All the lessons were like a game. I appreciate everything you did for us! Thank you very, very much!
  • Thank you very much for showing the inspirational words with music during each of your presentations. This was one of the highlights of the past 2 weeks- very inspiring. The enthusiasm with which you present each course is contagious. Thank you! God bless & all the best.
    Republic of South Africa
  • "Your positive attitude towards the future and challenges had great impact on people. Wish you all the success and happiness."
    Dr. Addel Alameri
    Abu Dhabi

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