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The public sector is implementing an array of challenging results-based management initiatives, all of which have a performance measurement component. This three-day workshop will help delegates deal with the unique challenges of implementing performance measurement in a public sector environment and will link performance measurement to other management activities within an integrated planning and reporting cycle.

By applying principles from the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology with the Results Chain/Logic Model approach, delegates will learn to create a clear link between your strategy and the key performance drivers required to execute on that strategy.






At the end of the workshop, participants is expected to :

    1. Understand the language of performance measurement.
    2. Develop a balanced set of financial and non-financial performance indicators.
    3. Lead a performance measurement project and/or be an effective project team member.
    4. Identify the elements and describe the purposes of a performance management system.
    5. Construct a performance measurement system that aligns employee team behaviour with strategic objectives.
    6. Using performance management to reinforce and drive human resource strategy.


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