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2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Who should attend:

  • Production Quality
  • Engineers
  • Technical
  • Any individual who wishes to learn Poka yoke and its tools
  • Applicable to Admin & Services



  • Understand and implement the “Poka-Yoke” methodology
  • Understand and practically employ the basic techniques associated with Poka-Yoke.
  • Identify where Poka-Yoke can be used for best effect
  • Coordinate and motive the Poka-Yoke team to provide real, tangible solutions to what appear to be intractable production, engineering & quality problems.


Lets take a look at the video that explains about Poka Yoke!



 Session 1 (Day 1) : Training Module

  • POKA-YOKE Methodology & Objective
  • Zero Defect & Poka-Yoke activity
  • Achieving ZD through POKA-YOKE
  • A Successful Modern Factory. Surviving in hos-tile business environment.
  • All about Defects & Errors
  • Know the different of kind of ERRORs. Under-stand whether ERRORs are avoidable and is Sampling is the best method for quality im-provement.
  • Know the Different kind of Defects and Learn the 3 important strategies in achieving ZERO Defects.
  • Understand the 5 (five) elements of Production and Sources of Defects.
  • All about POKA YOKE
  • Understanding of 5 BEST Poka Yoke method

  • Poka Yoka Basic Functions & Hints

  • Detection Devices use with Poka Yoke in Proc-ess / Production

  • 7 Guidelines to Poka Yoke Attainment & 3 Rules of Pola Yoke

  • See the most Typical Examples of Poka Yoke. (we have 240 examples to share)

  • Making it ZD Program Happen

  • Setting Up Zero Defect Team : Use proper ZD Improvement Form for documentation. Learn the importance of Zero Defect bulletin board.

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  • Gemba Taiken
  • Note : Practical Session. Actual Data & Gemba Walk, participants to provide data, pho-tos and process flow. etc.
  • Learning Making Simple Poka-Yoke (ZD) Device
  • Simplicity & Creativity. Achieving ZD without incur-ring high cost
  • Practical Activity – (Note : This activity will only make possible if company allows actual produc-tion / process evaluation)

STEP 1 : Identifying Problems (actual data analysis). To ensure actual root cause has been identified. If 8D is being practiced, the most reoccurring problem will be chosen

STEP 2 : GEMBA Monitoring. Learn to use IE Analysis to identify root cause

STEP 3 : Identifying POKA YOKE. Implement Interim method before POKA YOKE realization. Understanding Cost Factor in POKA YOKE

STEP 4 : Data collection for confirmation.

STEP 5 : Standardization for ZD

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