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Effectively communicating to your employees will result in a more efficient operation and will help achieve the bottom-line objectives of any company, business, or basic interaction. As a supervisor, your communication skill is critical in directing the actions of your direct reports. This supervisory skills course in communication will enable you to become a better communicator for yourself, and for your organization. You will learn how to communicate effectively, which will help you to maximize “work through others” to get the job done.




  • Recognizing communication problems and barriers.
  • Implementing techniques to resolve communication problems and barriers. Demonstrating the basic general rules of effective communication.
  • Using special techniques in specific communication situations.




  • Power-point slide presentation.
  • Participant’s handbook Individual & small group exercises.
  • Role plays & case studies.
  • Personal Action Plan




  1. What is Communication?
  2. Who is Responsible for Communicating Effectively?
  3. Why Supervisors Need to be Effective Communicators?
  4. 7 Barriers to Effective Communication Identify Where Difficulties in Communication Arise.
  5. The 6 Common Causes of Communication Failure.
  6. Setting the Stage for Effective Communication.
  7. The Communication Situation Communicating Effectively.
  8. Written Communication.
  9. Phone Conversations.
  10. Communicating to a Group.
  11. Listening.
  12. Inhibiting Communication from Your Employees.
  13. How should you react to news.
  14. Communicating With Customers.

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