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 Duration :

2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

Medium :

English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Who should attend:

  • Director CEO
  • Senior Managers
  • Manager
  • Head Of Department
  • New Manager
  • Assistant Manager

ASL For Members | ASL Training


To develop the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and supervise staff to ensure the objectives of the organization are met, while developing the team and individuals to enhance their performance.


The training will be delivered using video, role-play, team exercises and coaching of real issues. Examples of situations are taken from business and sometimes sport in order to bring the concepts to life. All participants will receive feedback on their skill development

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Opening : Welcome Note and Program Overview

  • Overview of day’s program agenda
  • Setting Personal Goals

Module : Management in the 21st Century Organization

  • The Role of the Managers
  • The Daily Challenges and Frustrations of the Manager – Difficulties and Pitfalls
  • The Conflict Between the Technical and Managerial Roles
  • The Importance of Managing Performance
  • Specific competencies for managing people

Module : Motivating the Different Personality Types for Performance

  • Recognizing key motivators for staff performance
  • Techniques for building rapport with different personality types
  • Matching motivators to individual types and expectations
  • Developing and applying a motivational strategy

Module : Fostering Commitment Through Effective Delegation & Feedback

  • Creating a spirit of partnership
  • Establishing a common understanding of success
  • Applying a proven step-by-step process for delegation
  • Tactful way of delegating tasks to followers
  • Learn and practice how to give feedback.

Module : Review of Day’s Learning


Opening : Energy For The Day

  • Review of Day One’s learning achievements
  • Overview of Day Two’s Learning Objectives

Module: Management Styles And The Stages Of Team Development

  • Recognize the stages of team development and the relevant management skills required
  • Recognize that characteristic of highly effective teams and
  • Recognizing specific team member behaviors for what they really mean
  • Recognize and overcome the five pitfalls of a dysfunctional team
  • Understand how each of the five dysfunctions interrelate with one another
  • Use a diagnostic tool to evaluate your team\\\\\\\’s susceptibility to the five dysfunctions
  • Implement strategies to foster trust in the team

Module 4 : Managing the Multi-Generational Workplace

  • Describe the characteristics, attitudes, and values of each generation
  • Identify specific actions a manager can take to coach, motivate and get results from different generations
  • Determine how your management approach may need to change when coaching, managing and retaining employees of different generations
  • Discover ways to Gen-Flex in order to solve generational problems in the workplace

Final Module : Application & Summary

  • Review and Reflect on Day’s Achievements
  • Evaluate the experience and plan for using the skills on the job
  • Personal Action Plans and Commitment


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