Brief Information About Consultant

A multi-faceted and certified PSMB Trainer (TTT/0823) is highly requested by the industry due to his unique approach in his training. He was once a PR Consultant and is also still a qualified pilot holding ATPL License and has adopted many principals in flying and aviation into his training that makes it unique in its own sense.

He is a familiar face on TV having graced many advertisements, as well as being a guest panel for a few local TV talk shows like Bincang Petang, TV3 and On Two, TV2.


The creator of the 7 Drivers for Personal Development and author of the published book “Be a PRO, Sell Yourself!” he is a dynamic speaker and motivator, and understands the participants’ needs very well.


He is a man who wears many hats, and true to his reputations, he has always incorporated his knowledge and experience in the many areas and industries he had been into his training sessions. His experience in the banking, manufacturing & aviation is put into good use in his training sessions aided by the principles he developed from the book.


He is a certified Fitness Instructor and often designed his outdoor & indoor programs by consolidating his knowledge and experience in fitness & health into his program.

His efficient time management also allows him to do TV & print advertisement, among them are for Toyota, KFC, Nestle, TM and Perodua. Through his involvement in modeling he now trains and builds people confidence through influential corporate image & grooming.


Among his clients for his training programs are MISC Bhd, Nepline Bhd, National Valuation Institute, Kota Bharu Medical Centre, TM Bhd, Volvo Trucks Malaysia, Naza Kia Academy, several local colleges, NSTP (M) Bhd, Bank Pembangunan & Industri, and Kota Mineral & Chemicals, British American Tobacco (Malaysia), Sabah State Library, UniTAR, and Carrefour.


He is well known for his unique motivational talks, personal development, personal & professional grooming, customer service, communication and interpersonal skills seminar and especially team building where he walks and runs with the participants.


He received his first degree from Maryland University, USA. He also has a Diploma in Banking Studies from UiTM, Shah Alam and Aviation Engineering (Pilot) licence from AST, Scotland. He had served in many hospitality industries and flew with a local airline for several years. He now concentrates on training and development after completing his Masters of Business Administration from UiTM, Shah Alam and is currently doing his research for his Doctorate program from the same University.


He has had exposures in training and development having worked with several local training consultancy companies and has attended various training.


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Be a PRO, Sell Yourself! – Shamsul B Abdull


If you have an issue in life, life itself will always provide the solutions!


It’s a matter of whether it works for you or if it’s the suitable one for you!


A person, team or organization will always feel discontent with themselves, their lives and all that matters around them. We always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We usually think that others’ lives are always better than ours.


We need not be!


Our basic survival rule is fight or flight just as in the animal kingdom, and the author will show how we can do few steps better than them in managing our very own fear and make the fear work on our favor.


On top of that, the book provides an insight on how we can treat ourselves as better commodities and start accessorizing ourselves to overcome ordinary life’s enigmas.


Now everyone can be as good as others we idolize, but the difference is we are just as good or even better in our own way and by being us. All the important principles are described at length with easy to understand explanation and are called The 7 Drivers for Personal Development.


Now life is more colorful than ever before!


You can start thinking how to Be a PRO, and Sell Yourself!


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