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Duration :

2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

Medium :

English / Bahasa

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Who should attend:

  • Supervisors
  • Senior Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Executives
  • Middle Management

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Participants will be able to:

  • Analyze problems and identify root cause
  • Assist in logical decision making
  • Proper documentation of Problem Solving, Counter Measure & Results


  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Role Playing
  • Discussion
  • Group Activities
  • Q&A Session


MODULE1 :Understanding Problem

Understanding the fundamental of “Problem” is important and the key to our day to day challenges at the workplace. Here we look into the key items closely related to why problems remain and unresolved and repeatedly reappear at our workplace. The key is to understand the related elements to a “Problem” like process parameters, Process Control, Environment. Here we look into WHY the concept of 3G (Gemba, Genjitsu & Genbutsu) is important in problem solving.

MODULE2 : A3 Process Technique

This is a Problem Solving philosophy created by Toyota to solve problem systematically and effectively

  • Topic 1 : Using A3 format
    • Understanding the fundamentals of A3 format and PDCA concept in its format.
  • Topic 2 : Process Thinking in A3
    • Learn the systematically brainstorming method to lead you towards the solution of problems. The A3 Thinking management approach is originated from Toyota and adopted by Lean organization around the world.
  • Topic 3 : Applying A3 thinking Techniques in other PST Tools
    • Many company has adopted various kind of Problem Solving Technique (PST) like 8D Discipline, 6 WHY Analysis etc. However, in many occasion, they are confused on which to adopt in the situation they faced daily
  • Topic 4 : Importance of Analysis, Experimenting in A3
    • In ensuring the correct “Root Cause and Improvement Measures” are taken into account, these are the most important elements in A3
  • ACTIVITY : Applying A3 Effectively
    • To provide a better understanding of A3, an activity is created for this purpose. Participants are encouraged to provide their ACTUAL Top Problems for this purpose. Actual Data would assist participant to grasp the im pact of A3 technique


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MODULE 3 : KATA Method

This session is dedicated for participants to actually practice hands-on by using current state situation and data. KATA is the logical, scientific and systematic method in EFFECTIVELY implement A3. The KATA method is a philosophy created a Researcher of Michigan University (Dr Mike Rother. Author of the book “Toyota KATA”.Managing through logic proves better result and understanding when solving problem. Logical Management will prevent bias or unrealistic result during PST steps.

This technique is the most efficient way of implementing A3 effectively in any organization. By merely adopting A3 will not be effective as it needs to blend in with different organizational culture. KATA method is the only logical method to adopt A3 which is practiced by a Japanese culture in our Malaysian culture.

MODULE 4 : Problem Solving Database

For effective understanding of “Background” & “Current Situation”, a reliable database is required for A3. in most cases, any company would be able to trace back only up to a limited time frame of data due to many organizational reason.

Using database program to document all data related to “Problem Solution vs Problem Identified” and prepare for future analysis. This will ensure that NO “Repetitive Problem” arises in future.

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