In my previous article, I wrote on the soft skills that you need to survive in business or in your career rather that only depends on your cognitive ability. What ASL could offer you is more then you could expect. When I read through the training programmes, I was delighted with the names, be it the content.

ASL Training  & Consultancy has been established as a training provider since 2004. The training programmes that they offer are fun, interactive, inspirational, current, relevant, and most of all, it should be a memorable for all participants.

But, this article is not focusing on what are those events are, but it will focus on the benefits of each event and how these events could nurture one’s soft skills.

As we all know, many surveys have shown that fresh graduates from public or private universities are lacking in soft skills. When they go for a job interview, many interviewers have agreed that in reality, these people are not qualified to be hired.

But wait! where is profilling and psychometric tests? Aren’t they usually use these test before they hire somebody? These test do not imply ‘pass or fail’, but it is about ‘job fit’. Based on Mike Smith,

    “People are different. Some are intellligent, whilst others are slow-witted. Some are warm-hearted, whilst others are cold-blooded. Some are motivated by money, whilst others are motivated by ideas. Jobs differ too. Some require slow-witted, cold-blooded people who are motivated by money. The task is to measure people’s characteristics in some way, so that these characteristics can be matched to the requirements of the job.”

On the other hand, Francie Dalton, who specializes in assessment as president of Dalton Alliances, Inc. Dalton vividly remembers a time when she should have heeded the sanity check. An individual seemed so faboulous that Dalton created a position just so she could work with someone of such high caliber. As was her routine, Dalton asked the person to take the assessment. “The results told me, in black and white, that this person talked a good game but would not deliver. I thought to myself: ‘That is not true. I have seen this person perform.’

Besides Dalton, Karla Taylor in A Crash Course in Emplyment Testing (2007) article has summarised that “Employment testing takes some of the guesswork out of recruiting staff, by showing how candidates solve problems, perform specific tasks, and handle conficts. Some managers would not hire without them, but others think test are no substitute for sound interviewing and good judgement”.

Unfortunately, with those drawbacks of these assessments, with time consuming in hiring new people, therefore, in the end, they are accepted. Well, when they have started their jobs, only then we could see their ‘true colours’. Only then we could diagnose the problems and with that, they need a training or anything just to improve their soft skills. Therefore, when they have soft skills, they will improve their work performance. Various companies have accepted ASL training programmes to accomplished this goal.

As mentioned above, the uniqueness of ASL training programes are not similar with others as they have various themed events; Teambeat, Community Challenge, Mission Impossible, Team Play, Scavenger Hunt, Colourful Personalities, Making the Movie, Amazing Race, Beach Olympics, and many more. Sounds interesting? Well, I feel the same way as I wrote this article. But, the question is, how are these themed events could benefit one’s soft skills?

Let us take Teambeat, Team Play or Scavenger Hunt for example. With the word ‘team’, it is no doubt that this programme is all on teamwork. Well, you got it right! Teamwork has always been an essential skill that everybody needs when they are working in any organisations. Without teamwork, everything that you work for will be worthless; the company will collapse and you will lose your job. Furthermore, this programme just not only requires you to commit with each other as a team, but it also requires trust among team members in order to complete the task given. To have good teamwork and trust, an effective communication will be needed. But not to forget, you have to work in a timeline given. WOw! Four soft skills in just one event? As though you are killing four birds with one stone. Amazing ain’t it?

Well then, I guess ASL Training & Consultancy will not stop here. They will come out with many other training programmes that could help many companies to overcome their problems with their employees. So, where else would go other than ASL?

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