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Duration :

2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

Medium :

English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Who should attend:

  • Working professionals who want greater knowledge in payroll management and administration, Human Resource Executives (Payroll/Recruitment/Reward & Performance), Supervisors, Secretaries, Head of Department/Unit.

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The relationship between Payroll and Human Resources departments has traditionally been a debatable one. Over the years the roles of both have evolved, and it is arguably now critical to the business that they work together in order to meet its needs. Some organisations have gone so far as to merge both departments in efforts to increase efficiency.



Upon successful completion of the Payroll Practice and Management program, the participants will:

  • Exploring the benefits and pitfalls in intergration
  • Understanding the clear processes and timeline during the intergration
  • Understanding the employee relationships in both payroll and HR
  • Breaching the cultural differences in both areas


  • Adult learning method with interactive approach lectures
  • Slide presentations
  • Group exercises
  • Case studies
  • Group presentation



Module 1

  • Program Overview
  • Traditional relationships between payroll and Human Resources department
  • Why groups of people in HR and payroll are very different?


Module 2

  • The cultural diffrences in payroll and HR
  • Why it exist?
  • Roles and Responsibilities of payroll and HR
  • Processes and timeline


Module 3

  • Employee Relationship (payroll & HR)
  • Merging payroll services and transactional HR services
  • Evolving Relationships when payroll and HR are together

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Module 4

  • Communication and education process in the intergration
  • Communication chain
  • Understanding their new function


Module 5

  • Data Intergration and its clear processes & timeline
  • Major obtacles during the intergration
  • Common understanding in the common governing rules


Module 6

  • Benefits of payroll and Human Resources intergration/together
  • Improving level of customer service in employee relationships
  • Improving level of efficiencies
  • Can payroll help HR enhance employee engagement?
  • The Pitfalls of intergration
  • Change management in the organizational restructure



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