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This course is designed to develop sufficient knowledge and skills in the areas of Piping and Pumping theories of water so that participants can make sound decisions in operational, design, selection, application and maintenance in these related systems.


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  1. After this course, participants would able to:
  2. Understand the fundamentals of pumping applications commonly used for a particular type and classification
  3. Acquire tips on installation and selection of pumping systems based on changing load conditions
  4. Trouble shoot problems faced in pump systems
  5. Effectively read system, layout and equipment support
  6. Use unit conversion for selection and costing purposes of the pump system
  7. Evaluate the available type of pumps in the industry and to enable  to decide why your system is using a particular type and classification
  8. Know how if modifications and improvements needs to be made, when systems does not comply with requirements
  9. Know how to carry out step-by step procedures and implementation on maintenance works of pump systems
  10. Extend and improve the performance parameters by adopting the  above common maintenance policies



  • Technicians
  • Officers and Engineers (involved in operations)


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Course Content (GENERIC OUTLINE) :

The outline need to customize based on customer needs and objectives


MODULE 1 – Introduction to types of Pumps and Pumping Theory

*        Definition of Pumps

*        Pumps Application in Industries

*        Thermo-fluids Principles


MODULE 2 – Common Pumps and Pumping Theory

*        Centrifugal

*        Rotary

*        Reciprocating

*        Sanitary-type

*        Comparison between various type of pumps


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MODULE 3 – Pump Installation Procedures

*        Requirements of suction and discharge lines

*        Installation in Parallel and Series

*        Alignment and Rotating Operations


MODULE 4 – Trouble Shooting on Pump Failure

*        Pump Services and Speed Regulation

*        Wearing rings, seals and packing protection

*        Protection from dry running

*        Faulty Operations Trouble Shooting Guide

*        System Design Consideration



*        Processing and Distribution

*        Pipe Connections

*        Water Meters

*        Internal Distribution

*        Valve Systems

*        Storage Water for low and high rise structures.

*        Pipe sizing procedures



*        Inspection requirements of water systems

*        Commissioning and Safety Consideration


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MODULE 8 – Issues reporting to management for Improvement Activities


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