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Anyone who is related with rigger and slinger.

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  • This training is to provide rigging and slinging operators with necessary skills for moving loads. Properly trained operators will reduce unnecessary damage to the equipment, decrease material and product damage and lessen the chance of an incident or injury.
  • This comprehensive and intensive course has been developed to address all the applicable Laws and regulations (Factories and Machineries Act 1967) and OSHA 94 for rigging and slinging operators of overhead lifting equipment.
  • The course covers legislated requirements; pre-operational, the operational post operational and lockout requirements; signals; and required inspections. It also covers planning on how to choose the proper rigging tools for common hitches, estimations of loads and rigging the load as per safe and proper handling requirements for lifting loads.
  • The participants are required to successfully complete a written exam, and are evaluated on their practical knowledge and skills to operate an overhead travelling crane safely.


This course is designed to provide ringing Operators with the minimum industry training requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations. The course focuses on providing the foundation for meeting the basic operational and legal requirements and will actively promote healthy and safe practices for rigging and slinging and understand the methodology of accident prevention.


Over two days, participants are required to attend about 14 hours of classroom instructions and active discussions, calculations and a min 4 hours practical evaluation and take a written exam.



1. Legal requirement under the Factories and Machin-ery Act 1967 and OSHA 94.

  • Requirements of the law
  • salient features of FMA 1967
  • salient features of OSHA 1994

2. Inspection of Tools And Lifting Appliances

  • Slings
  • Eyebolts
  • Shackles
  • Safe Methods of use

3. Load and Inspections Of Rigging Methods

  • Understanding of the different types of rigging slings and hitching methods and procedures.

1. -Basket hitch

2. Straight hitch

3. Choker hitch

4. Double choker hitch

  • Calculation of

1. Safety loads and

2. Slinging angles

  • Rigging Inspection
  • How to perform visual inspections of different types of hardware.
  • Use of checklist / development of a checklist

4. Pre-Operational Checks

  • Address requirements for pre-operational checks.

1. understanding the centre of gravity

2. estimation of loads and slinging angles

5. Internationally Used Hand Signals

  • Address legislated requirements for crane hand signals.

6. Accident prevention


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1. Planning a lift

  • Estimating of load weights
  • Safe operating practices

2. Practical

  • inspection of rigging equipment
  • Rigging and slinging requirements
  • practical application of rigging and slinging
  • practical demonstration of lifting operations

3. Note: client to provide

  • All lifting and sling devices used
  • different loads to be rigged for practical in-struction

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