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  • Identify & understands types of customers
  • Increase human (personnel) performance & limitation
  • Identify & understand personal profile/type
  • Identify personal strength in dealing with customers
  • Examining various techniques in dealing & serving customers
  • Achieving company‚Äôs vision & mission when dealing with customers
  • Analyze why customers complaints
  • Identify & analyze various ways of dealing with complaints
  • Enhance life & work quality
  • Live life efficiently & effectively


  • Essential and fundamental of aerodynamics
  • Adopting and implementing approaches for vehicle aerodynamics
  • Effect of drag and lift of vehicle aerodynamics
  • Adopting and implementing best practices and/or guidelines for aerodynamics approaches into commercial software
  • Solving some practical engineering problems related






  • Lecture with key points, coaching, interactive discussion
  • Group dynamic and exercise to ensure participants grasp the topics presented
  • Role Play and Group Presentations
  • Exercise and Industrial samples are used to stimulate actual nature of failure that has taken place


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The participants develop personal action plans at the end of the training course. These plans focus on actual situations that will require them to implement the key learning points.





  • Introduction to aerodynamics
  • Flow fields
  • Conservation of equations
  • Classification of flows
  • Practical case study/group discussion
  • Introduction to turbulent flow
  • Boundary layers and separation
  • External Flow (Drag and lift)
  • Application of aerodynamics into automotive
  • Numerical analysis and simulation
  • Practical case study/Discussion

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