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In this ESD training course you will learn the importance of ESD prevention. You will learn about electrostatic discharge, how to identify proper insulators and conductors, define static materials, identify how much static is necessary to damage equipment, and understand the costs of ESD damage. In the ESD training you will learn precautions to use in non-protected ESD areas and how to properly use and wear a wrist strap.





At the completion of this course, the participants would gain the knowledge on the following:-

  • Understand ESD and the importance of ESD prevention
  • Understand the necessary steps to identify & manage ESD Protective Procedure
  • Participants will look into ESD Protected Areas





  • Lectures Discussion
  • Group Workshops
  • Individual/Group Presentation
  • Personal Action Plans


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ESD Awareness

  • Static & Electrostatic Discharge
  • How electrostatic discharge occurs
  • Identify proper ESD procedures
  • Identify the causes of ESD
  • Identify Insulators & conductors at your workstation
  • Understand “static” materials
  • Understand amount static needed to damage a component
  • Understand catastrophic and latent failure
  • Discus the costs involved for ESD damages

ESD Protective Procedure

  • Precautions that should be taken in non-protected ESD areas
  • Understand importance of grounding
  • Describe resistive and common point ground
  • Describe how to properly use and wear a wrist strap
  • State how often you should test a wrist strap
  • Identify proper ESD protective packaging
  • Proper procedures for transporting electronic sensitive device to ESD

Protected Areas

  • Recognize ESD protected areas
  • Describe ESD protective measures in ESD protected areas
  • Identify ESD garments and describe hot to properly wear them
  • Describe ESD control measures used in these areas
  • Describe how to use toe, shoe or heel grounders
  • State that an ESD protected area is controlled

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