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Professional Sales Excellence Workshop

INTRO | ASL Training




Investment products and services are becoming more and more complex and the people who buy them are more sophisticated and demanding than ever before.

To remain competitive, investment banks must know how to sell to these customers, if they are to capture their share of the marketplace.  Bankers need to make the customer feel comfortable and “safe” as they will be discussing about their financial needs, which can be a sensitive topic to them.

Besides being a financial expert, customers expect bankers to be sympathetic listeners too.  They will need to listen for customers need and develop them into strong wants and desires.


In this program, participants will learn to:


  • Increase sales productivity by using critical selling skills and techniques.
  • Build sales behavior that is proven to increase effectiveness in any sales environment.
  • Improve performance by asking the kinds of question that identifies your customers’ real needs.
  • Explain to your customers why your products or services are appropriate and getting them to agree and act on your recommendations.

Course Contents


Module 1: Competitive Edge Selling – Conquering Competition through “YOU”

Almost any form of product or services can be duplicated or copied by another competitor, thereby making competition difficult and intensive.  The only thing that cannot be duplicated is the Sales Person.  So how do we capitalize on the “YOU” factor in selling? Why make the salesperson part of the product? How do we convince the customers that they made the right decision buying a product from you?  Participants, through discussion and group work, will formulate a plan to include themselves as part of the product.


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Module 2: Groundbreaking Sales ™ Concepts

Using the MBTI we will highlight the psychological preferences of customers and sales people. Most of the time we will sell the way we want to be sold but no one person shares the same way of being convinced. So how do we read the customers’ communication style to sell the way they want to be sold?  Through role-plays and activities, participants will discover that it is not an easy task but nevertheless possible.


This module will outline and demonstrate the planning and preparation phases of using the understanding of personality preferences to enhance the sales process.

  1. Focus on Self
  2. Focus on the Client

Traditional sales focus on “low-hanging fruit” with a goal of making enough contacts and then hope for some success. Groundbreaking Sales ™ Concepts takes this process one step further: down to the roots, the core needs of your clients and potential clients. It introduces the concept of temperament theory and the participants will learn tips to improve how they relate to everyone from clients to coworkers and even how to coordinate their sales team more effectively.


Module 3: The Sales Platform – F.R.A.M.E.

This map out the entire sales process from pre-prospecting all the way to post sales follow through with the customer.  Participants will explore the different aspects of the process and understand where are the critical links that need attention.  Participants will also learn how to balance their work and their efforts to ensure that there are no steps in the process that are neglected:


F.R.A. – Finding out the N.E.W.S.: Prospecting, Consultative, Questioning Techniques

A systematic and comprehensive questioning technique would be introduced here in assisting the sales professional in finding out his prospect’s NEWS.  Even in situations where the sales contact may not successfully lead to a sale, the ability of the salesperson in discovering crucial information is vital for future preparations for similar contacts.  The participant will, together with us, construct an important preparation tool known as the Q-Bank, which enables them to prepare their questions in the best investigative and non-intrusive format.  This section will also touch on the sensitivity to be applied with Asian prospects who may not always be so forthcoming with answers to questions.


The M. Factor – Providing workable Solutions & Important Information: Presenting Product / Matching up Phase

Presenting the product’s benefits can sometimes be a sticky affair. What is considered a benefit in a product can also be deemed as a flaw in the product. In this module, our salesperson will learn how to match up benefits to the needs of customer and avoid any unnecessary overselling. They will also learn how to distinguish between benefit and feature of a product.

The E. Phase: Delivery / Closing Techniques

The close or execution can be the most critical session with the customer. It might make or break a sale depending on the technique used. Participants will learn how to use different method at different times and to gauge closing signs of the customer.


Module 4: Preventing & Handling Major Obstacles to a Sale – Developing an Objection Bank

Learning how to handle obstacles is not enough but rather to learn how to preempt the customer before he raises any objections.  Participants will begin to develop a method to handle these issues through the use of an Objection Bank.  Participants will also look at different forms of objections such as logical, tactical or emotional ways to handle these different angles of objection.


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