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  • Understand how to strategically plan your Facebook campaign
  • Understand the latest technical Facebook has to offer
  • Consider your Facebook Apps campaign
  • Create, develop and manage successful Facebook Pages
  • Understand your Facebook Advertising options and challenges
  • Monitor and measure your Facebook campaign performance
  • Understand the privacy and legal issues around Facebook
  • Understand advanced marketing techniques within Facebook
  • Understand some of the not so well known methods of enhancing your brand Implement advanced apps into your Facebook page
  • Create engaging content that will encourage sharing and spreading of your Facebook messages and posts.
  • Create promotions, competitions and interactive material to ensure fresh and innovative Facebook interaction


Learning Methodology :

  • Facilitated classroom lecture
  • Reference to participant workbooks
  • Self assessments
  • Individual, small group and large group activities
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Simulations and role-plays


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