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Governments around the world have been embarking on various public financial management reforms. Apart from just better and longer term planning, there is now a greater need to establish clear control and management of public resources, and at the same time, achieve accountability through delivery of performance and output. To this end, much needs to be done about strategy, planning and implementation of budgets, strengthening of oversight institutions and the participation of stakeholders in the budget process.

It is with this mindset, that many governments, Singapore included, have developed a greater clarity in fiscal management and in the role budgets play. Accountability, capacity, re-prioritization or resources, words commonly used in budgeting, take on a new meaning. Through various reforms initiatives, and with a renewed focus, Singapore has managed to achieve sustained excellence despite many limitations.

This programme provides an interactive forum for senior officers to share, explore and discuss concepts and issues related to new approaches to budgeting for governments. The seminar will provide the participants with a good insight into the process of developing effective financial management policies and framework within a government.


By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify the key ingredients to good governance.
  2. Gain an insight into fiscal policy management.
  3. Understand new approaches to budgeting.
  4. Relate how performance management is achieved.
  5. Describe a structure framework in establishing clean governance.


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