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There is an old Japanese saying which says that “If you don’t see your Japanese friend for 3 days, please take a close look at him when you see him next, because he would have CHANGED!”

Continuous improvement to the Japanese is a way of life. Thus, Kaizen is a Japanese concept which has pushed Japanese organizations to perform exceptionally well in a short span of time. This 2 day program will address all pertinent issues relating to continuous improvement.


  • Interactive lecture presentation
  • Case studies
  • Individual exercises
  • Group assignments and discussions
  • Workshop style activities


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Session 1    Introduction of Terms & Definitions


  • The Kaizen terminology
  • Background and origin of Kaizen
  • The benefits of Kaizen implementation

Session 2    The Kaizen Concept

  • Why continual improvement is necessary?
  • The Japanese Miracle
  • Kaizen – The Concept!
  • Kaizen and the suggestion scheme
  • Kaizen – The Practice!
  • Kaizen philosophies and principles

Session 3    Establishment of Kaizen Program


  • Where does continual improvement start?
  • Which functions are involved?
  • The 3 classes of Kaizen implementation
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • The critical success factors
  • Model for managing Kaizen



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2.0       COURSE OUTLINE (Cont’d)


Session 4    Kaizen & the Organizational Culture


  • Detection to prevention – a culture change
  • Resistance to change
  • Overcoming resistance to change



Session 5    Implementing the Kaizen Program


  • Kaizen principles to remember
  • Communication and Kaizen understanding
  • Setting the Kaizen teams
  • Kaizen teams in action
  • Kaizen checklist to gauge your organization



Session 6    Solving Live Problems Brought to the Seminar by Participants


  • How to integrated Total Quality/Asset/Service/Flow Management?
  • KAIZEN approaches to problem solving


Feedback, Post Test and Evaluation


End of Program

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