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Topic : Lean Operation / Management

“Towards waste reduction for higher profitability and efficiency”

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Surviving to be a profitable, competitive and excellence organization’s today need more than just the best product and services. Organization needs to continuously strive to exceed customer expectations, continuously adapt to changes and be prepared to make faster improvement.

The Lean Manufacturing program is actually an initiatives that helps organization to increase their profit by improving productivity and quality through cost reduction, waste elimination and continuous improvement focus on process enhancement, machine maintenance and layout management in all processes at levels throughout the organization.

Lean Manufacturing that is adopted from Toyota Production System has proven to be successful in helping organization optimizing their employee potentials, expanding machine lifetime, improving products and services and etc. This improvement will be delivered through various Lean Manufacturing projects at all levels in the organization.



In this program participants will be introduced to the Lean Manufacturing concept, philosophy, history and etc. They will be exposed to the two pillars of Lean that is JIT (Just in Time) and JIDOKA (Build in Quality).

Then, they will also learn how to draw the value stream and identify the waste or non-value added activities and look at ways to eliminate them. Participants will also be group to deliver the Lean project as part of waste elimination activities. Then, there are takt time planning, continuous flow, quick changeover and others that can be used to ensure JIT (Just in Time) process and production.

Participants will also learn how to do continuous improvement project. As the team they will be exposed to 5 why analysis is, data collection plan, brainstorming, creative thinking and etc. Furthermore, they will also learn how to make problem visible and ensure only the best quality product goes to customer by applying the JIDOKA concept.

Continued efforts to eliminate waste will help to create a conducive working environment and ensure organization success in the business world.



Participants will be able to :

  • Enhance business efficiency by reducing waste, Cost cuttings and lowering Overhead
  • Understand application of Lean Six Sigma projects in your organization
  • How to apply Lean Six Sigma thinking to your day-to-day activities


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  • Lecture and Case Study according client process flow



  1. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
  2. The two pillars of Lean: JIT AND JIDOKA
  3. Understanding the Lean philosophy
  4. Identifying Value Added Activities vs Non Value Added Activities in the value stream
  5. Identifying 8 Types Of Waste (Overproduction, Excess Inventory, Transportation, Over Processing & etc)
  6. Strategy Used to Reduce Wastes
  7. Why Lean Manufacturing Fails
  8. Recapitulation of Lean Manufacturing & Lean Principles
  9. Value Stream Mapping: Identifying Value Added Activities vs Non Value Added activities
  10. Waste identification and it’s countermeasures
  11. Lean tools & techniques;
  • Visual management
  • Kaizen
  • Problem solving (data collection, data analysis, root causes identification & etc)
  • And on

Mistakes proofing and many others


Additional content will be customize after discussion and needs


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