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2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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English / Bahasa Malaysia

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Overview Program:

Attend this session and learn ways to provide an atmosphere that allows employees to be more productive, motivated, techniques for dealing with others, some management techniques and methods for keeping one employee’s benefit to the others in all situation and condition. Can you necessarily change your employees’ motivation? Not necessarily so, but this course provides you with the tools to face this ever-popular dilemma, especially in this time of economic downturn.

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Target Audience

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their potential and performance, become successful personal and add more value to the organization and society.



  • The workplace plays host to a number of interactive activities involving people with different personalities, intentions and mind states.
    • Group dynamics, challenge in groups
    • Exercises,
    • Discussion & Presentation
    • Simulation and role play
    • Case study
    • Videos & Audio



Trait 1 -‘Be Proactive’
Participants learn to pay attention to the ‘Circle of Influence’ and this will affect the goals that are attained.
By giving such attention, individuals will start to shift from the behaviour of blaming others, process, procedure, giving excuses, and other facts in which they have no control upon. The more a person deepens and practices the habit of being proactive; they will easily inculcate the ability to give responses in a positive manner. They will regard problems as a challenge, where this is a chance to present their ability to defy all challenges and at the same time strengthening their commitment.


The reflexive progress of an individual and an organization will only work if it centres on the principles that are driven by good values and with vision.


Trait 2 – ‘Begin With the End in Mind’


The importance of mission and values are explained. With the understanding of the importance of these, participants will conform to the importance of having goals. They will start to realize the needs of scheduling activities for individual/organization only after they understand the goals.

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Trait 3 – ‘Put First Things First’
Every activity that is scheduled has to have connections with the individual or organizations’ role and goals. These activities must also relate to the mission of the individual/organization. This will decrease the waste of time and management through crisis. On the contrary, it will increase productivity since the time usage is centered to benefit all, which is the mission of the organization.


Trait 4 – ‘Think About Win-Win’
Participants will understand the concept of ‘Win-Win’ in discussions/meetings and etcetera (etc). This concept provides a perspective that can create satisfaction so that both parties that are discussing are satisfied. This ‘Win-Win’ terminology can be defined as a ‘third alternative’ decision.


Trait 5 – ‘Seek first to Understand, Than to be Understood’

Empathy is the key to understanding and influence. The more people think that they are understood, the easier they can be influenced. By practicing Traits 5, , ‘Make An Effort to Understand First, Then Be Understood’, individuals, management authority/ staff will be able to bring the relationship that they have with the ‘stakeholders’ to a higher level, decreasing conflict between departments, strenghtens the cooperative spirit as well as increasing productivity to achieve a better profit. Communication process will become easier.


Trait 6 – ‘Synergize’
The synergetic concept is portrayed through Traits 6. It is the concept of creative cooperation. Synergy is a process of discussion that aims to reveal the third alternative. In the process of learning how to evaluate different opinions, individuals/staff will be able to interact with each other in a more effective mannner. This creates a space for better/more quality result achievement and unity in an organization.


Trait 7 – ‘Sharpen the Saw’
Through the 7th Traits, ‘Sharpening The Saw’, participants will realize that the key to effective achievement and success in their lives is through a balanced lifestyle comprising 4 important aspects- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and socio. With the existence of this balance, the life of the individual would be glorious



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