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1 Day ( 9am – 5pm )

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Who should attend:

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Presenter
  • Business Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Decision Maker
  • Head Of Department

  • Junior Executive

  • Customer Services

  • People Who Dealing With Customers

  • Anyone That Related To this Training Need To Attend.


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INTRO | ASL Training

  • Every organization has its “personality”, culture and system of doing things, including a code of dressing.
  • To succeed in such an environment, you must look, act and live the part. Hence, as support associates, it is you, who project the corporate image of the organization.
  • Your appearance, behavior, attitude and conduct will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests/clients.
  • To the outside world, you are a re-flection of your organization and within the organization, you are a reflection of its value, style and culture.


Upon completion of the program you should be able to:

  • Project a professional image at workplace
  • Become “positive” models to your staff & colleagues
  • Communicate effectively & understand body language
  • Know the importance of proper appearance & grooming
  • Understand the general guideline in business etiquette


The training delivery will be approached through various methods i.e. facilitations, live demonstrations and active participation from the participants.


1. Building Professionalism

  • lements of Success
  • Levels of Awareness
  • Elements of Professionalism (3Cs)
  • Criteria for Professional Image
  • Formula for Professional Success

2. Work-Out Your Professional Image

  • First Impression is the lasting Impression
  • Barriers to polished professional image
  • Tips to polish your Image

* Head to Toe

–> Know your skin type

–>Proper face & body care

3. Professional Make-up

  • Hair – Facial hair/ Hair Style/Hair Colors/
  • Scarves- Styles/Colors
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Accessories

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4. Understanding My Style

  • Understanding the levels of Authority/Hierarchy
  • Establishing professional Presence
  • Establishing Colors for Me and My Authority
  • Understanding My Body Shape
  • Guideline to Business Attire (Men/Women)
  • Guidelines to dressing for all occasions

5. Business & Social Etiquette

  • Establishing behavioral manners for formal or informal situation
  • Introduction

a) Understanding the principles for:

–> Social Events

–>Formal/Office Environment

–>Levels of Authority

b) The Hand Shake

–>Various ways or Styles

c) Behavior/Posture

–> Establishing Office Vs Social Behavior

–> Establishing the Proximity/Distance

–> Establishing the correct posture (standing/sitting/walking)

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