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Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves – their strengths and weaknesses – so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. When you understand something about your own habitual style and how it differs from others’ styles, you can modify your approach to get on the same wavelength with them. After the course, it will be easy to pick out the types of your team members, friends and family members. The workshop not only teaches the four styles, but also teaches how to flex your style and communications to interface better with the other three styles.






  1. Understand the behavioral styles of self and others.
  2. Discover how one’s own behavior impacts personal and group success.
  3. Understand ans value differences in others.
  4. Identify ways to adapt behavior to the person and the situation.
  5. Reduce conflict and stress.
  6. Improve team communication and morale.
  7. Create strategies to improve relationships and work performance.


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  1. Overview of the concept of preference and benefits and uses of DISC.
  2. Identify and verify a personal type profile.
  3. Exercises to illustrate type preferences.
  4. Practical implications of Type in work settings.
  5. Communication patterns of different types.
  6. Analyzing teams from a type perspective.
  7. Session wrap-up and evaluation.



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