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Purpose :

Behaviour is observable and can be predicted. Each person has a “core” behavioural style. If overextended, a person’s strength may appear to be a weakness. Understanding these different behavioural attributes is vital to success in the workplace and in life. Using the DISC method, participants can determine the nature and style of the partners (learners) and colleagues. From this knowledge, they will be much better equipped to communicate effectively on all levels. The DISC method effectively unlocks the power to assess and capitalize upon personality differences within any partnership or team. In turn, relationships flourish: The knowledge of these differences that helps to shape future


People bring unique experiences and personalities into their relationships. A vital aspect to successful relationship building is the ability to identify a person’s behavioural style and understanding how that style will affect the relationship. The relationship is best served when people can respect the differences they bring to the table and learn how to benefit from them. The DISC method is a popular communication model that is used to better understand these differences by measuring the level of intensity a person brings to each of four core areas of behaviour.


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  • Describe history of the DISC model of behaviour style assessment
  • Teach the differences between the natural and adapted styles and why it matters
  • Help participant fully understand their own behaviour styles and the impact they have on all areas of communication
  • Describe the dynamics of interaction between individuals of same and contrasting behaviour styles
  • Teach the value of applying the behaviour style principles to workplace, family, and community relationships




To achieve these aims, the training course provides attendees with interactive lectures, workshops, case studies and a range of highly participative activities that vividly demonstrate the key learning points. The participants develop personal action plans at the end of the training course. These plans focus on actual situations that will require them to implement the key learning points.



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