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Many newly appointed managers, executives and supervisors struggle through their jobs because of not being prepared to deal with people and higher levels of expectations of their superiors. This 2 days program presents essential knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies required to handle various managerial and leadership challenges faced by a new manager. Being an effective manager cum leader requires not only excellent technical skills but also interpersonal and management skills.

The intensive training will prepare you and participants to identify the professional expectations of a manager and confidently manage the attitudes and abilities of your employees, communication issues like feedback and build and maintain an effective team that delivers productive results.



  • New Managers
  • Asst Managers
  • Team Leaders


Program Objectives

  • Learn and discover the roles of a manager.
  • Discover the differences between a manager and a leader.
  • Appreciate the power of Emotional Intelligence in “Management and Leadership”.
  • Learn the core skills and challenges for Managerial Success in the context of Planning, Organizing, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling.
  • Discover the value of communication and its elements to enable building people and teams.
  • Learn to cope with additional responsibilities through “Time Management”.
  • Discover the Problem Solving Decision Making Framework


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