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Many leaders in asia desire to make a meaningful impact in their organizations, yet no matter how successful they are, cultural leadership is always not helping and holding them back from maximizing that impact. There are results to deliver, diseases to cure, people to educate, mindset to change, and other meaningful improvements leaders desire to make, but most are not leveraging the power of organizational culture and leadership.

It’s time for leaders in all organizations (non-profit, for-profit, healthcare, government, education, etc.) to get serious about how culture leadership is impacting their performance. Yes, leaders need to build on that understanding, engage their organizations to harness the incredible power of culture and different style of leadership, and strive to make a meaningful impact.

This program is providing today leaders with Japanese leadership skills. we know Japanese are well known for their discipline, efficiency, details, long-term visionary, “plan-minded”, caring towards their care (mindfulness) and their without fear to move forward (fearlessness) to achieve their goals. These great secrets lie in the ethics of Samurais. With these great value incorporated in modern leadership skills, participants are able to have a long serving subjects in their circle.

Program Objectives

  • Management technology is a highly transportable technology.
  • Just-in-time production exposes problems otherwise hidden by excess inventories and staff.
  • Quality begins with production, and requires a company-wide “habit of improvement.”
  • Culture is no obstacle; techniques can change behavior.
  • Simplify, and goods will flow like water.
  • Flexibility opens doors.
  • Travel light and make numerous trips, like the water beetle.
  • More self-improvement, fewer programs, less specialist intervention.

Day 1 & Day 2

Module 1 : Understanding One-Self
Understanding oneself is the key to success. This module lets the participant understand the basic human needs before the actual transformation begins. A solid foundation built will lead them to lead others in need of their support. (Topic include : Why are we here?, Basic Human Needs, Fulfilling Spiritual & Human Needs)

Module 2 : Leadership Values (Samurai values)
The Japanese has shown that success can be learnt by disciplining yourself through 7 ethics. These ethics, which is similar to our own values has been carefully compiled by the Samurais about 500 years ago. This module carefully explained the close relationship of these ethics to build a strong heart, mind and soul to become a better human in society. It also provide the inner view of how a person should act when dealing with promises. All these ethics when bonded together the leader will be a more respectful human being.
(7 ethics Fairness, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty & Responsibility)

Module 3 : Leadership Strategies (Samurai Art of War)
Being a leader, we need to lead people and lead them to win. Learn the 42 “Samurai Art of War” and apply it in your daily working strategy. Learn the Samurai Art of War and achieve highest in your daily :
Communication (HORENSO)
Inspiring, Motivating and Energizing the team to win (Samurai Art of War)
Making & Review Strategic Planning (Samurai Art of War)
Making Critical Decision Making & Solving Issues at hand (Samurai Art of War)
Analyzing Techniques (Samurai Art of War)
Taking Responsibility (Samurai Values + Samurai Art of War)

Module 5 : Samurai Leadership in action (TAIKEN ACTIVITY)
This activity will incorporate all the values learnt in above (Module 2 Samurai Value & Module 3 Samurai Art of War). Here participant will be divided into ranking war officers and prepare member for war. During this exercise they will learnt :
Planning, Analyzing, Reporting
Communication Vision, Strategy & Winning attitude
Taking Responsibility at hand and Empowering Team to make decision.
Art of Task Delegation
Encouraging team members to win and taking responsibility

Module 6 : Self Motivation & Dealing with people
The only method to remain all time competitive is to understand method and techniques on how to self motivate. Hostile surrounding stops us from being successful thus turning around the positive image back to negative image. Samurai learnt to deal with this by using the basic 7 ethics.
Earn respect to lead. Never abuse power to lead. Learn the proper technique in human capital development. Through proper methods (samurai method) we will gain higher respect and able to work as a stronger team to lead the organization through a higher challenges.

This module prepares us to face challenges and remain success.



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