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2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Anyone who want to advance their skill set by learning the database software

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  • Easy to install and use — Access gives data managers a fully functional, relational database management system in minutes. Like many other Microsoft applications, Access contains Wizards that walk you through each step of the way. The user interface is intuitive; accelerating data information retrieval.
  • Ease to integrate – Access works well with many of the developing software programs based in Windows. It also can be used in the front-end as back-end tables with products like Microsoft SQL Server and non-Microsoft products like Oracle and Sybase.
  • Widely popular — Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database system in the world.
  • Convenient storage capacity – A Microsoft Access database can hold up to 2 GB of data.
  • Multi-user support – About ten users in a network can use an Access application.
  • Importing data — Microsoft Access makes it easy to import data.


Adult learning approach: Course consists of interactive lectures, individual and group activities, role plays, and mini-case studies relating to real life practical situations



Unit 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: Database Concepts
  • Topic B: Exploring the Access environment

Unit 2: Databases and tables

  • Topic A: Planning and designing databases
  • Topic B: Exploring tab les
  • Topic C: Creating tables

Unit 3: Fields and records

  • Topic A: Changing the design of a table
  • Topic B: Finding and editing records
  • Topic C: Organizing records

Unit 4: Data Entry rules

  • Topic A: Setting field properties
  • Topic B: Working with input masks
  • Topic C: Setting validation rules

Unit 5: Basic queries

  • Topic A: Creating and using queries
  • Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
  • Topic C: Performing operations in queries

Unit 6: Using forms

  • Topic A: Creating forms
  • Topic B: Using Design view
  • Topic C: Sorting and filtering records

Unit 7: Working with reports

  • Topic A: Creating reports
  • Topic B: Modifying and printing reports

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Unit 1: Relational databases

  • Topic A: Database normalization
  • Topic B: Table relationships
  • Topic C: Referential integrity

Unit 2: Related tables

  • Topic A: Creating lookup fields
  • Topic B: Modifying lookup fields
  • Topic C: Subdatasheets

Unit 3: Complex queries

  • Topic A: Joining tables in queries
  • Topic B: Using calculated fields
  • Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values

Unit 4: Advanced form design

  • Topic A: Adding unbound controls
  • Topic B: Graphics
  • Topic C: Adding calculated values
  • Topic D: Adding combo boxes
  • Topic E: Advanced form types

Unit 5: Reports and printing

  • Topic A: Report formatting
  • Topic B: Calculated values and sub reports
  • Topic C: Printing
  • Topic D: Label printing

Unit 6: Charts

  • Topic A: Charts in forms
  • Topic B: Charts in reports


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