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2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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Who should attend:

  • Manager Head Of Department
  • Senior Manager
  • Junior Manager
  • Senior Executive
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • General Manager
  • Newly Assigned Manager

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  •  Enhance the participants’ Management and Leadership skills by bringing out their “gift” and leadership styles.
  • To equip the participants’ with tools and skills to understand their personalities, leadership styles and how it affects others.
  • To increase the knowledge of how to read another person’s personality and to communicate with them more effectively.
  • To help participants understand their own team members’ personalities and their team culture.
  • Learning how to motivate and lead their teams effectively.
  • Overcoming difficult subordinates and situations.
  • Learning how to TAKE CHARGE AND LEAD!!!
  • To develop a Mastery of Human Behaviour at work.
  • To embark on an Organization Development Programme using Psychological Type as a framework.
  • To improve work and team performance though the mastery of human rela-tions.


  • Interactive Lecture

  • Discussion , Group Dynamics & Workshop

  • Case Studies

  • Simulation And Games

  • Learning Debriefing

  • Video

  • Individual/Group Presentation


Day 1 & 2, Participant will Learn ;

Module 1:Being An Effective Change Agent

  • As a change agents, one must know where they are going and must be prepared to make the changes to get there. Short and long term planning must be in place with clear objectives well defined. An effective change agent must also help others to change.
  • Participants will also learn the key skills and strategies in successfully implementing change in the organization including how to deal with denial and resistance, how to handle conflicts during implementation. Participants will be taken through

Module 2: Change Management : Propelling to the future

  • Here the participants will explore the cause of changes in their organisation and also in their lives and how these changes will affect the organisation, management and team members.
  • Participants will look into practical ways to equipped themselves to face these changes. Exercise and experiential learning will be conducted for the participants to have a hands-on effect that will allow them to experience the emotions of an actual situation in which classroom/ lectures style fails to establish.


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Module 3: Managing and Implementing Transformational Process Through Understanding Personality Prefer-ences and Leadership Style

  • To help Team Members understand each others’ personality preferences, thus enhancing effectiveness in communication and inter-action at work.
  • To instil in Team Members that difference in people’s personality preferences may be to their advantage rather than the cause of friction in relationships. Finding strengths and areas to develop in their Team Members.
  • To help Leaders look at their own weaknesses and strengths and the way they interact and understand the BIG difference between Managing and Leading
  • To understand how to help others achieve their full potential and goals and appreciate their differences.
  • Using understanding of personality types to accommodate the needs and personalities of colleagues and superiors and to learn constructive response to conflicts. Developing the framework for problem solving.

Module 4: “Maintaining The Momentum” Using Advance Application To Leadership and Management

  • Motivation – Self and Others. Learning how to inspire and develop others. The Hertzberg Motivational Profile will be used in this ses-sion to understand each other’s motivation level.
  • Performance Management – Participants will learn how to coach, mentor and appraise their team members without fear or hesita-tion effectively.
  • Roles and Responsibility of being a change agent – Here the participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of what it means to be a change agent. The participants will begin to see what it takes to make that transformation to a leadership and management.
  • Pushing The LIMITS ! – Secrets to being a SUCCESSFUL LEADER

Module 5: Transforming a strong and effective team.

    • In this module participants will learn how to transform strong and effective teams. They will be able to create their own Team direc-tion and mission for them. Practical methods on building and maintaining strong teams through leadership will be shared in this sec-tion. Ideas on spotting potential team problems and preventing them from happening, will be discussed.
    • Participants will learn what it means to be in a Team and how their actions, decisions and attitude affects everything that happens in a team.
    • They will also learn how to identify different Team situations and to sustain growth and team spirit among themselves.
    • Participants will have the opportunity to explore various situations which would require strong bond and teamwork. These learning experiences will be related back to the work environment for greater effectiveness.



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