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Duration :

2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Who should attend:

  • Manager at all deparment
  • General manager
  • Supervisor
  • Head of department

ASL For Members | ASL Training

INTRO | ASL Training



  • Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and the companies that employ them perform at higher levels and with greater speed than at any other time.
  • Organization leaders and members alike must place a new emphasis on learning, harnessing individual and collective creativity.
  • This will acquire a new type of workplace relationship. Coaching provides both a technology and a process for the new workplace relationship.
  • It is about boosting staff and organizational performance by creating an environment that encourages active participation in learning and growth.


  • Identify the role of the coach in developing people
  • Complete supervisory style surveys to determine what kind of leader you are.
  • Choose and develop a leadership style best suited to you and your organization.
  • Discover techniques for responding to the individual motivations of your staff.
  • Gain more from yourself, your employees and your organization.
  • Learn essential management skills, from team-building to goal setting.
  • Demonstrate effective use of the GROW model of coaching
  • Provide effective performance feedback
  • Translate what you learn into action.


  • Experience based and participatory approaches Brainstorming,
  • Group discussion with presentation,
  • Group work,
  • Sharing hand-on experience participants’ problem
  • Raised during training workshop Simulation
  • Role Play
  • Case Studies


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Day One

Module : Start with the End in Mind

  • Setting the Goals and Expectations
  • Ice Breakers & Energisers

Module One : Being a Coach

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • The spirit and practice of coaching
  • The relationship between coaching and mentoring
  • The benefits of coaching to: the organization, the coachee and the coach
  • Crucial success factors in coaching
  • Creating a symbiotic relationship between organizational and individual performance

Module Two : Coaching: The critical cornerstone of leadership

  • The positive effect on the bottom line
  • Reaping the emotional rewards of achievement
  • Benchmarking coaching attitudes and skills
  • Experiencing “magnificence”

Module Three : Know Thyself First Before Coaching Others : Personal Coaching Styles Inventory

  • Brief about Personal Styles Inventory
  • Profiling your personal behavior patterns
  • The Director Style
  • The Presenter Style
  • The Mediator Style
  • The Strategist Style
  • Exploring Your Own Style
  • Coaching the Different Style
  • Exercise : Coaching the Different Types

Day Two

Energizers : A Beautiful Day

Module Four : The GROW model

  • Creating a learning environment
  • GROW in Coaching
  • Demonstrating the art of high-quality listening
  • Asking structured questions
  • Sharing perceptions
  • Exercise : Structuring GROW Questions

Module Five : Honing Your Coaching Skill Set

  • Leveraging coaching language techniques
  • Utilizing the questioning technique
  • The use of silence
  • Reinforcement
  • Redirecting
  • Reframing
  • Coaching language patterns
  • Clarifying goals
  • Solving problems
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Exercise :Role play and practice on Reframing

Module Six : Motivational Coaching to Retain the GEMS

  • The passion of the coach
  • Instilling passion and commitment in others
  • Optimizing individuality and uniqueness
  • Understanding the different generations
  • Co-achieving through mutual support and learning

Module : Application & Summary

  • Review and Reflect on Day’s Achievements
  • Evaluate the experience and plan for using the skills on the job
  • Personal Action Plans and Commitment
  • Conclusion

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