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The program is designed to develop and empower employees to confidently embrace Leadership skills through a process of interactive workshop modules, a program project, various readings and in “real life” scenarios and case studies.

The disciplines of personal mastery, mental models, systems thinking, shared vision and team learning is integrated into all events whether the context is personal or professional development. We are conscious of appealing to the whole person in our activities, integrating a systemic approach to learning, development and performance.

The modules are presented in 3 major sections which we believe are the keys to effective leadership development.

The three sections are:

  1. Leading Self.
  2. Leading Others.
  3. Improving Organizational Effectiveness.


The seminar will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by action based real workplace simulations.

Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in relating the principles of creativity and innovation to the particular needs of their workplace.


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Leading Self

Module 1 : Management in the 21st Century Organization.

Module 2: Know Them self First Before Others.

Module 3 : Understanding Your Creativity.

Leading Others

Module 4 : Developing New Way Of Thinking.

Module 5 : Leadership and Management Styles And The Stages Of Team Development.

Module 6 : Managing The Four Generations at the Workplace.

Leading Organizational Effectiveness

Module 7 : Strategy Implementation and Leading the Change.

Module 8 : Leading Change and Transition Tool-kit.

Module 9 : Group Presentation of their Strategic Plans and leading the Change in a Selected Project Themes.

Final Module : Close Down: Learnings and Action Planning.


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