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Samurai Leadership elements and values doesn’t have to be as fierce as they might look; in fact this excellent workshop actually highlights the dynamics of a Samurai leader and also guides on how to apply it in modern management and also why this is important in every management as well as in depth explanation how the Japanese applies the ancient values in modern society. Again, this astounding program allows each participant explore the leadership values in each individual as we take them through phases of self-understanding of their potentials and how to expand them to be sharper…



  • All level of leaders
  • Asst. Supervisors
  • Executives,
  • Engineers
  • Asst. Technician and above


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  • Interactive lectures/Discussion, role plays
  • Hands on practical training
  • Group workshops, small group exercise
  • Field work assignment
  • Individual/group presentation, personal action plans



To provide leaders with the Japanese leadership skills. Japanese are well known for their discipline, efficiency, details, long-term visionary, “plan-minded”, caring towards their care (mindfulness) and their without fear to move forward (fearlessness) to achieve their goals. These great secrets lie in the 7 ethics of Samurais. With these great value incorporated in modern leadership skills, participants are able to have a long serving subjects in their circle. Achieve respect in your leadership by true honour. Lead NOT by fear.



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