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This training is design to assist people whose job requires them to analyze problem, identify root cause and make logical decision on solving process related issues.



Participants will be able to

  • Analyze problems and identify root cause
  • Assist in logical decision making
  • Proper documentation of Problem Solving, Counter Measure & Results



  • Lecture and Case Study according client process flow
  • Step-by-step problem solving technique using simple case study


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This program is divided into several sub topics :

SESSION 1 : Process & Control Parameters

Relating process & process control. Identify actual flow against documented flowchart.  Identifying key control parameters. Learn to differentiate between actual root cause and camouflage causes. Look into process gaps.


SESSION 2 : Japanese Problem Solving

Learn to incorporate 5W 2H concept into 5 WHY Analysis. 5WHY format is provided. A Case Study (Sample A) will be conducted during this session. Learn how to use the 5WHY Analysis format.


SESSION 3: A3 Thinkers  – Toyota Problem Solving Technique

This is an additional philosophy in order to cover all aspects when you conduct problem solving using 5 WHY Analysis

Learn the systematically brainstorming method to lead you towards the solution of problems. The A3 Thinking management approach is originated from Toyota and adopted by Lean organization around the world.

There are 10 Main flow in A3 Thinkers (logical problem solving)

– Background, Current Situation, Problem, Target, Theme, Analysis, Countermeasures, Implementation, Effect Confirmation and Follow-Up


SESSION 4 : Maintaining Database

Using a database program to document and prepare for future analysis. Utilizing database e.g. Microsoft Access for rapid data retrieval and deeper and holistic analysis 100% full prove Preventive Measure.


SESSION 5 : Simple Case Study

This session is dedicated for participants to actually practice hands-on by using current state situation and data.

Source of Data : Client Data

We shall compare Session 2 Method & Session 4 method by incorporating Session 3 philosophy.


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Problem solving is very important because it can cause stress and lack of productivity in our work. Release your stress with us


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