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Managing people is a great challenge in business and always seen as an art that people master with experience. People not only come in all shapes and sizes, but they come with different personality types as well and bringing along variety of values and belief systems. In short, they behave and exhibit different behavioral styles.

However, people are indeed an important asset in an organization who would build or determine the productivity rate and thus the “health check” of the organization. Your results as a manager/leader depend on other people. As such, it’s critical that you learn how to recognize what drives the people with whom you work. In addition, participant will understand how different personalities work and a wider range of skills can be transformed into building more effective working relationships



This 2 (02) Days program is designed and customized to the organization need and  focus on the participants’ experiences and provide opportunities for them to further develop their understanding of management and effective communication within a team.


At the end of the program, participants would be able to :

  1. Understand your role as a People Manager
  2. Discover your preferred work styles & communication style and develop an ability to communicate and manage more effectively
  3. Learn to use effective problem solving techniques
  4. Lead and motivate your team


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This program is meant to provide new people managers with the fundamental knowledge and skills they would need to lead their teams well in a globally connected, fast-paced environment full of changes and challenges for new managers today whilst able to achieve lasting and positive change. 



ASL RESOURCES Training & Consultancy is known for its highly participative, fun and practical approach in delivering any program as to accelerate the adult learning process which comprise of the following methodologies below:

  1. Two-Way Interactions with various Group discussions
  2. Management Simulation Games and Exercises
  3. Video & Role Plays
  4. Training Tools
  5. Minimal Lectures to reinforce learning



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