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The program is designed to develop and empower employees to confidently embrace Leadership skills through a process of interactive workshop modules, a program project, and various readings and in “real life” scenarios and case studies.


The disciplines of personal mastery, mental models, systems thinking, shared vision and team learning is integrated into all events whether the context is personal or professional development. We are conscious of appealing to the whole person in our activities, integrating a systemic approach to learning, development and performance.


Leadership is actually not  about the position that you are at, lets take at this clip and understand a little bit more.






  • Understand Customer Process
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Recognize human characteristics
  • Build proactive & problem-solving culture
  • Identify and utilize structured process/model
  • Master strategies for dealing difficult situations
  • Achieve mind and emotion balance
  • Enhance credibility & professionalism
  • Develop objections handling skills
  • Enhance communication skills


Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes relating to the workshop, together with any supplementary handouts. Participants will also receive tip sheets, checklists and other supporting information, to take away for future reference. All of which can be utilised immediately after completion of the workshop.


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MODULE 1: Customer Care Orientation Concept

MODULE 2: Components of Customer Care – The “WOW” Factor in your branch

MODULE 3: Effective Customer Communication Skills

MODULE 4: Effective Customer Care at the Frontlines

MODULE 5: Handling Difficult Customers at the Workshop

MODULE 6: Becoming a Customer Care Specialist

MODULE 7: Mastering Emotional Intelligence

MODULE 8: Handling Objections


Additional content will be customize after discussion and needs



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