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Duration :

2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

Medium :

English & Bahasa Malaysia

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Who should attend:

  • Customer Service
  • Manager
  • Public Relation Manager
  • Reception
  • Sale / Marketing
  • Telemarketer
  • Call Centre Manager
  • Corporate Communication
  • Anyone that related to this program need to attend.

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  • To develop, a customer-oriented, culture in the company.
  • To help the participants to align the company‘s customer service efforts in a similar direction.
  • To learn, skills and techniques, to build and manage a good customer service team.
  • To apply a polished greeting that will make the caller feel welcomed and secured.
  • To create a greater awareness, and enhance the Company‘s service image.
  • How to handle the most challenging situations encountered during interactions with the customers.



MODULE 1 :Driving Principles – Focus On the Caller

In this module, participants will focus on the driving principle focusing on the caller. Participants will learn to create a positive experience that consistently meets or exceeds the caller expectations. Participants will be taught on how to:-

  • Treat every customer like a human being.
  • Know who your caller and how your work add value to them.
  • Use empathy to understand a situation from your caller’s perspective
  • Present an attitude of interest, sincerity and openness with the caller

MODULE 2 :Winning Telephone Skills

When interacting with customers over the telephone, the words being said, and how it‘s said—the tone of voice used—leave a lasting impression. We‘ll help the participants develop excellent telephone skills that will send a positive, professional message to customers. They will be shown how to avoid the most common call handling mistakes.

The rules of good telephone etiquette – what to say and do and what not to. The greeting and the ―ringing off‖. Existing telephone etiquette – where it went wrong

A. Creating a Positive Telephone Image

  • Understanding the power of the telephone
  • Appropriate telephone etiquette.
  • Letting your personality shine through

B. Using Professional Telephone Techniques

  • Avoiding the most common telephone mistakes
  • Fine-tuning your telephone skills
  • Placing customers on hold—the right way
  • Knowing when and how to transfer calls
  • Methods of message taking.
  • Effective listening techniques.
  • Closing a call effectively.

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MODULE 3 :Five Dimension of Customer Service on the Telephone

It is always said that if you provide a poor quality product or service, you will lose not only the current customers but the

Potential ones as well. This module will stress the importance of this statement and Participants will start to develop and

Practice the skills of communication more effectively with the customer. The five dimensions are:

  • Professionalism
  • Speedy response
  • Accurate Information
  • Genuine Concern
  • Reliable Follow-through

MODULE 4 :7 Steps for Resolving the Angry Customer’s Problem

In this module, participants will learn what are fight starters and how argument arises. Participants will learn to disarm,

Deflect and diffuse difficult customers. How can we turn difficult customer into a fan? What can we do to capitalize

On customer complaints and make it profitable? Using verbal ―Tongue-Fu‖ participants will be able to recapture the

Hearts of the customers again.



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