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At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Master the etiquette of telephone answering
  • Answer calls promptly & confidently
  • Improve their voice tone, pitch & inflection to better effect
  • Handle calls with ease and portray the professional image of the company
  • Improve their overall personal being that helps to improve their work performance

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  • Lectures
  • Profiling
  • Discussion
  • Individual/Group Presentations
  • Video Presentations
  • Role Plays
  • Indoor Activities
  • Personal action plans





  • Definition of professionalism
  • Personal profiling – self type identification
  • Business call vs. Personal call
  • Understanding Objectives
  • Objectives of phone calls/answers
  • 4 levels of awareness
  • 3 tiers of excellence
  • Efficient or Effective
  • Doing the right things or doing things right

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  • Definition
  • Understanding communication importance
  • Communication model analysis
  • Examine various types of communication
    • Verbal
    • Non-verbal
  • Expression that carry meaning
  • Conveying messages with right meaning
  • Techniques to improve communication skills
  • Identifying when communication is about to break down
  • Avoiding misunderstanding in verbal communication
  • Perception Analysis
    • Avoiding the pitfalls in perception
    • Building positive perception
    • The “JOHARI WINDOW” analysis
  • Treating self & others with respect
    • The magic of hidden respect
    • Respect to respected 


  • The call is the gateway to meeting company’s objective
  • The task doesn’t end after call is passed!
  • Using the H.E.A.R.T. approach
  • Language
    • Using positive language
    • Streaming the language
  • Voice projection
    • Speed
    • Volume
    • Articulation
  • Smile when talking
  • Listening
    • Listening vs. Hearing
  • Keeping the focus
  • Keeping the meaning in frame
  • Avoiding the non-words in telephone conversation

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