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Organizations strive to attain positive image and their clientele’s loyalty in this challenging and borderless world. This 2-day program will address on developing a customer centric organization and also enhancing their teamwork towards achieving the organizational goals and profitability.





  1. Understand why and how customer centricity is more important than customer satisfaction
  2. Describe exceptional customer service.
  3. Identify its benefits on a personal and professional level.
  4. Recognize barriers to its delivery.
  5. Demonstrate how to measure customer-satisfaction levels and take corrective action if needed.
  6. Understand different customers’ behavior styles and know how to adjust to each.
  7. Use and explain techniques for dealing with angry, upset, or disappointed customers





Adult learning approach: Course consists of interactive lectures, individual and group activities, role plays, and mini-case studies relating to real life practical situations




The sessions consist of experiential exercises, case-based discussions, interactive lectures, group work, and project-based learning. All sessions are conducted in both English and Bahasa Melayu

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Approach to Customer-Centric Organization

  • What is a customer-centric organization?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What’s in it for you? What’s in it for the customer?
  • Is your organization a customer-centric organization?
  • Identifying cultural changes necessary to ensure customer focus


Designing a Customer-Centric Organization

  • Re-orienting the entire operating model around the customer
  • Understanding the four stages of customer focus
  • Building competitive advantage with “Wow” factors that customers value
  • Developing systems and processes to monitor the consistency and success of its customer-centric strategy


Making that Change in your Organization

  • The role of external customers, employees and partners
  • Building Value for You and the customers
  • “Moments of truth” that recreate your brand thousands of times a day
  • The vital role of HR in building a customer-centric organization


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Building Blocks of a Customer-Centric Organization

  • The right characteristics of the service individuals
  • The 3Is Formula
  • What keeps the customers satisfied?
  • Transforming an existing organization using the sequential approach


Understanding our Customers

  • Analyzing the seven dimensions of your customers’ buying behaviour.
  • Tailoring your service levels, to better meet customer needs and ultimately achieve profitability
  • The golden rule in customer service delivery

Communicate your way to Customer Satisfaction

Understanding your personalities

  • Your Skills towards Customer Centric Communication Styles
  • Enhancing your verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Effects of Voice in your communication styles.


Creating a Long Lasting Relationship

  • Understanding that this is neither simply a marketing initiative nor a quick fix for poor customer ratings
  • Designing a service recovery strategy and system to avoid recurrence
  • Developing cross functional teams to foster communication, co-ordination and cooperation
  • Never promising staff or customers anything you cannot deliver on
  • Measuring the right things, i.e. both soft and hard measures to track results over time

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