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      1. Interactive Lectures
      2. Discussion
      3. Role Plays
      4. Hands On Practical Training
      5. Video Demonstrations
      6. Small Group Exercise
      7. Group Workshops
      8. Field Work Assignment
      9. Individual/Group Presentation
      10. Personal Action Plans


      • Aspire to attune to hospitality standard, beyond banking industry standard
      • Develop a Hospitality Culture that provides strong competitive advantage
      • Provide distinct superior Customer Service experience via Greeters
      • Provide exemplary customer service that contribute to customers’ retention and loyalty

ASL For Members | ASL Training


      • Identify & understands types of customers
      • Increase human (personnel) performance & limitation
      • Identify & understand personal profile/type
      • Identify personal strength in dealing with customers
      • Examining various techniques in dealing & serving customers
      • Achieving company’s vision & mission when dealing with customers
      • Enhance life & work quality
      • Live life efficiently & effectively



According to Thomas Itterson, a renowned business consultant, “if you have customers, you have business”. Another prominent mantra in marketing says that it is easier and cheaper to get new customers than to regain the lost ones, and the lost ones were often the former loyal customers of the company.

Attracting new customers and retaining present ones require the collective effort of all personnel of the organization. It is therefore vital for the organization to have ready staff that is ever ready in serving the customers. Although machineries and technology are far superior nowadays, it is still the people skill that matters when dealing and serving customers to their full expectation. Therefore, staff equipped with the necessary skills in dealing with customers is asset to the organization. And to keep their momentum at high pitch, constant training are necessary to keep them abreast with the current situations and tools to deal and serve customers better.


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