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Organization that strives to increase customer satisfaction faces a big challenge. The absence of a “great service culture” limits, and even undermines success of customer satisfaction improvement initiatives.

This two-day interactive program is designed to help participants understand the importance of delivering consistently, high-quality, customer service and focusing on “keeping the customer happy” and  the program will also deal with the importance of team work  “keeping everyone happy at workplace”



  1. Aspiration to attune to the hospitality industries standards as opposed to banking industry standards
  2. Develop a Hospitality Culture that provides a strong competitive advantage to establish and develop a competitive edge
  3. Provide a distinctively superior ‘Customer Experience’ by creating a positive experience to building customer loyalty
  4. Provide exemplary customer service that contribute to customers’ retention and loyalty.
  5. Develop your corporate image and presence

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Day 1

  • Defining The Basics
    • Quality – What is Quality?
    • Guest – Who/What is the Guest?
    • Service: What is Service?
    • Delivering Quality Guest Service
  • The Financial Impact of Service
    • Repeat Business
    • Profitability
    • Impact of profitability to individual and organization


  • Good Customer Service is No Longer Enough
    • Focusing and Prioritizing the Top Expectations of Customers
    • Creating a Service Mission Statement to stay Focused
    • Are we losing our customers?
    •  A Quality Service Model – GAP
  • Attitude
    • The power of  “Right Attitude”…..a Choice that is Controllable
    • People Power
    •  Determining Guest Needs
    • Let’s get our Formula right!
  • Moments of Truth
    • The Service Cycle and “Touch Points”
    • Looking at Service from the Customer’s Perspective
    • Creating “That Magic Moments”
    • 5 Secrets of Good Customer Service
  • Teamwork
    • Team Dynamics
    • Are you a team player?
  • Working with the team
  • Lesson….from the birds

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Day 2

  • Your  Poise…Grooming & Appearance
  • The Importance of Defining Your Image
  • What is YOUR “image”?
  • Creating your own “WOW” Effect
  • Dress Sense for your Workplace
  • Are you projecting the” right “Image?


  • Creating Long Term Success
    • Are we listening to our customers?
    • Let’s get the basic right- greeting, introduction & handshake
    • Non-verbal Cues – are getting the right signals
  •  Tools of the Trade – The Telephone
  • The Elements of Effective Telephonic Communications
  • Skills and Standard Procedures
  • Handling Feedbacks
  • Handling Irate Customers (face-to-face, via emails/letters, telephone calls)


  • Highlights and Action Plans
    • Suggestions for Continuous Improvement
    • Learning Highlights
    • Action Learning



Adult learning approach: Course consists of interactive lectures, individual and group activities, role plays, and mini-case studies relating to real life practical situations


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