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How to Read Others’ Thoughts by their Gestures


Reading body language is very exciting indeed! If you know how to read and interpret body language, you can predict other people’s mood and thinking process.


You can persuade and influence them more effectively by doing things that are in harmony with their present state or mood. The power of persuasion is now in your hands!

Who should attend:

  • Trainers, or Educators.
  • Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Secretaries, PAs, Supervisors, Administrative HR, Accounts, PRs Executives, Officers and Supervisors;
  • All Managers and Executives whose job requires them to communicate, influence and deal with people effectively.

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  • Read emotions and moods through body language
  • Detect deception by looking at hands and eyes
  • Boost your career and relationships with your boss, co-employees, and even strangers
  • Be an effective communicator by accompanying words with the right body language
  • Make a positive first impression and get liked or trusted on the first meeting
  • Have greater awareness of body positions and the meanings.




Body Language – Basics and Introduction

  • Defining body language, kinesics and non-verbal communication
  • What does body language encompass?
  • Body language background and history
  • Non-verbal communication – nature or nurture?
  • Is body language relative to age, gender and culture?


Body Positions and Movements

  • Head position – straight, tilted, lowered
  • Facial expressions – six universally recognized expressions
  • Eye movement and focus – various directions and meanings
  • Handshakes – palm up, palm down, weak and strong handshakes
  • Hand positions – front, back, nervous gestures
  • Arm positions – open and closed , reserved or authoritative
  • Body position – upright, slouch, mirroring positions
  • Closeness, space – private, personal, social and public space
  • Other silent signals – possibly part of your blind spot
  • Interpreting body language as a whole and not in isolation

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Body Language in Different Situations

  • Body language when meeting someone for the first time
  • Non-verbal communication during presentations
  • Unintentional gestures that might leave a negative impression
  • Useful tips to improve your overall body language
  • Some advice on body language interpretation

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