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This workshop discusses the individual and unique causes and effects of stress. Activities help participants focus on strategies to reduce and cope with stress individually as well as in the workplace.

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  1. Recognizing that stress.
  2. Understanding stress.
  3. Building resilience to pressure and stress.
  4. Strategies for managing stress.
  5. Managing one’s own emotions and anger.
  6. Working under pressure.
  7. Time-management as stress relief.
  8. Taking control.
  9. Avoiding pressurizing others.
  10. Personal development planning.






Module 1: Introduction and Definition.
Module 2: Understanding the effects of stress.
Module 3: Personality Types and Stress.
Module 4: Understanding One’s Emotions & Anger.
Module 5: Managing Stress in the Workplace.
Module 6: Alternative Stress Management Techniques.
Module 7: Review, Reflections and Action Plans Post-Workshop.


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