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2 days ( 9am – 5pm )

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Who should attend:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) General Manager
  • Branch Manager Level,
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Finance Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Anyone who related with Planning & Budgeting



  • Business requires many combinations of strategies, of which planning and budgeting play very importance role to estimate future needs and plan profits, spending and overall cash flow.
  • A budget can greatly enhance your chances of success by helping you identify programmatic objectives that are aligned with the mission and strategic plan, determine the financial resources needed and available to achieve program goals.
  • A budget allows you to perceive problems before they occur and alter your plans to prevent those problems.
  • Without a proper road map there is no guarantee of reaching your desired destination. Similarly, in business, without a properly constructed Business Plan, Financial Budget and Cash Flow Forecast, there is no guarantee of attaining your financial goals.
  • This hands-on and practical workshop is designed specifically to give you the necessary tools to assist you to prepare your business plan, set realistic budgets and cash flow forecasts, and determine your business’ break even targets – all the necessary tools that will help you achieve your business’ financial goals.
  • To get things done, staff and board members strongly need to involve in the process to improve accuracy of information and commitment to the plan.


  • Experience based and participatory approaches
  • Brainstorming
  • Group discussion with presentation
  • Group work
  • Sharing hand-on experience participants’ problem raised during training workshop
  • Simulation
  • Role Play
  • Case Studies 

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SESSION 1 – Overview of plans and planning

  • Different types of plans and planning
  • How important is it?
  • Approaches to Planning Process

SESSION 2 – Preparing a Plan and Budget

  • Structure, Contents and Approach
  • Detail contents will be explained and the session will be an engaging session where participants actually do sessions to experience the thinking via discussions and presentations
  • SWOT Analysis – Evaluation of Internal and External Environment
  • Setting financial goals and objectives
  • Implementing the business plan

SESSION 3 – The Basic Concepts of budget and budgeting

  • Why is Budget Plan Needed?
  • Budget Requirement
  • Budget Limitations

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SESSION 4 – Budget Preparation Process

  • Budgeting Approaches
  • Revenues Estimation
  • Financial Cost Estimation
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Budget implementation challenges

SESSION 5 – Budget reporting and controlling

  • Annual Budget Evaluation (Budget Vs Actual)
  • Managing critical business drivers

SESSION 6 – Cash Flow Forecasting – Case Study

  • Business Implications

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