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Office management and administration is the responsibilities of everyone in the office, regardless of rank. The scope of office management and administration is not only confined to the physical aspects of the office; but encompasses every aspects of managing the work force & work-how, equipment & furniture, data & information as well as relationships & communications.

How the human resources manage all the above reflects on their effectiveness in the organisation. Besides, it also influences their productivity in and of the organisation itself.


Medium of Delivery:

English and Bahasa Malaysia






Among the learning objectives that can be attained in this 3-day programme are:

  1. The realization that every personnel has an important role to play in office management.
  2. Relationship between the different aspects of office management.
  3. The importance of a well laid-out office along the lines of a ”5S” quality system; Urgency and accountability in managing all types of data and information; Maintaining good relationships among colleagues and co-workers through effective communications skills.
  4. Solving issues and preventing conflicts at the workplace through positive reinforcements.


Target Group:

  • Office Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Supervisors of clerical and administrative staff
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Personal Assistants

Programme Delivery:

Slides presentation & workbooks, case studies & presentations, individual & group activities, short quiz, Action Plan

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  • Your role in the organisation & in managing the office:
    • Understanding the organisation & its structure
    • What is YOUR role?
    • Office transactions in general and specific to you


    Managing the work flow:

    • YOUR office work – map them, flow them
    • Determining what is needed and what isn’t – 5 S Method (Kaizen)


    Managing data & information:

    • The importance of data & information – to you, to the organisation
    • Filing systems practices & objectives of filing
    • General methods of record keeping
    • Handling obsolete & outdated records, data & information


    Writing Effectively :

    • Communicating Clearly
    • Developing Writing Skills
    • Recognizing Good Writing
    • Preparing to Write – Define Your Style
    • Writing Business Reports, Letters, emails and Memo

    Telephone Techniques :

    • Telephone etics
    • Techniques and approaches
    • Phone Conversations
    • SMILE


    Effective Communications Techniques:

    • What is ”communication” & how is it effective
    • Types of communication
    • Verbal vs. Non-verbal
    • Interpersonal
    • Enhance two-way communication – Active Listening
    • The ”5W1H” Method to effective communication in the office


    Managing Conflict in The Office:

    • Interpreting the non verbals accurately to understand & prevent issues
    • Positive reinforcement – saying YES but meaning NO!
    • Conflict resolutions –know the issues, prevent the built-up
    • Adopting the 5 Basic Principles


    Team & Togetherness:

    • Every one is connected
    • The meaning of TEAM


    What Next:

    • Personal Action Plan
    • Summary of programme
    • Awards & Certificates presentation

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